What do you really wish they sold at the morning and night markets?


It’s the Artesians, man, all about the Artesians…


Loved those old commercials. It always cracked me up seeing these solid blue-collar guys saying “artesian.”


Sigh…another venerable brewski now entwined in the tentacles of Umbrella Corp…er, MillerCoors.


They were the original fuckin’ hipsters. We can thank them for “craft” beers and “mixologist” cocktails, among myraid other everyday items nearly ruined by a bunch of precious children.

I’m gonna stop there.


It is a wonderland of foreign restaurants. El Gaucho Argentinian parrillada is there, as well as La Querida Spanish cuisine, among others.

Ther are also like 20 small stall/windows offering a wide array of international flavors -quality varies, but can’t complain ther eis nothing to eat! And a pretty cool organic supermarket. On weekends, there is an open market.


looks amazing.


i just wish they had more western stuff. salad, good sandwiches, falafel. i don’t see that happening unless we have more western people living here though.



Breakfast tacos and menudo



A good snag stand would be nice. I’ve found it’s impossible to find what I’d consider a normal sausage in Taiwan though.


But I guess most western people go there for Taiwanese night market foods unless for the ones that are living here for a while and plan to do so.


yea i dont expect it. but if i was really wishing for something thats what it would be.


Doner Kebabs.


I miss Ding Gua Gua fried chicken (not the same as the one you mentioned but sure good).

Also i remember exactly how the dude grabbed the chicken you selected. Cut the bird across the neck then put him in some sort of washing machine like device that spun the bird and de-feathered it while he was draining of blood.

That always got me off chicken.


That always got me off chicken.

Uh, Tom. I think you mean put me off chicken. Cuz otherwise, you’ve kinda disclosed an embarrassing fetish.


Assume nothing, man…