What do YOU sell & take Paypal or cred.card for (in TWN)?

We periodically get requests from a Forumosan abroad trying to buy a gift for a local SO, and we don’t really have a consolidated source of info on options for them, so I’m starting this thread, which I’ll probably later move to Business, leaving a link here.

What do you REGULARLY sell, and can take an order from abroad for, for shipment locally? This is not for garage sales and one-off items (please go to Taiwanted for those), and not for in-store or pickup only.

For example, if someone abroad (or locally) wants to buy something online (by PM, email, or website shopping cart) and have it mailed to someone (such as their SO in Taiwan for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas), and can pay by Paypal, wire transfer or credit card, can you accept one of these forms of payment and mail the item upon request?

For instance:

elToro sells meat products like deli meats.
Some sell home baked items like lasagna or pies, or home-baked bread (MustangSammy and hank are among those who, a while back, started such bread sales – not sure if they’re still around).
Dragonbabe sells knitting stuff like hand-dyed and organic yarns. Nam sells computers and peripherals. asiababy sells cloth diapers and a variety of products for babies and mommies.
Ed Gonzalez does Mexican food, and I seem to recall that he was shipping frozen burritos or something. Eddy Burrito. eddyburrito AT gsasoccer DOT net, EddyBurrito.com

Who else?

If you fit the above description and can accept Paypal payments, please add your name (Forumosa handle), an extremely brief descrip. of your basic product line (e.g. ‘homemade breads and lasagna’) and your website link to the list. Please keep it short and simple – detailed product descriptions, prices, periodic promotional offers etc. belong on your own website or in your own thread, not here. This is just to identify yourself briefly as a potential contact.

Dragonbabe – organic, hand-dyed, fair trade and eco-friendly knitting yarns. tw.myblog.yahoo.com/yarnpassions-yarnpassions/ Paypal and ATM transfer accepted, can ship in Taiwan or abroad.

(No more detail than that, please)

BTW, if you’re not sure about Paypal, ANYONE can receive $ by Paypal. All you need is an email address. You can then turn around and spend that money online; or you can set up a link to a local bank account if you want to be able to withdraw the money. Go to Paypal.com for details.

Disclaimer – only one of the above business owners slept with me in order to get me to list their name. I’m not saying which one.

I do photos. www.craigfergusonimages.com Can take money via Paypal, ATM or wire transfer. Ship either digitally, or prints, calendars, books etc globally.

Vanessa (my wife) just told me she’ll do personal shopping here for a flat $1000 fee on top of shipping/cost of product. I’m linked to paypay, and I have an impeccable reputation. :smiley:


I have some Koji (cochin) ceramics, Paiwan tribe lampwork glass beads and jewelry, 316L German stainless steel jewelry with and without cubic zirconia, and aqua-titanium/germanium sports therapy necklaces and bracelets. We’re running both an English eBay auction site for shipment outside of Taiwan and a Yahoo Taiwan auction site for Taiwanese buyers. Anything that gets shipped locally gets the Taiwan shipping rate. I love to bypass eBay’s fees by selling direct, so if you see something you want, just let me know, and I can send a PayPal invoice. Links are in my signature line.

Oh, I almost forgot! This one’s good for Chinese New Year gifts: in the month before CNY every year, Dragonbabe’s parents make a delicious milk & peanut nougat candy, packaged in gift boxes. A version with cranberries added is also available. PM Dragonbabe if interested.

All you need to get paypal to work is a credit card (to make payment) and a bank account (to receive payment). You will need the following info:

your ID/passport number

bank number (the 3 digit number you use to transfer money via ATM)

“wire transfer branch code”, if you don’t know this ask your bank but most likely it’s gonna be the first 4 digit of your account number, look on your passbook and your account number is in boxes and look for the ones that say something like “branch number”, unless it’s otherwise stated (for example Taishin bank will say xxxx whatever branch in chinese so the xxxx is your wire transfer branch code!). For a few common banks: Chinatrust it’s the first three digit of your account number, preceeded by a 0. so if your account number is 123-45763434 then your wire transfer branch code is 0123. Or else look on chinatrust website and look for the branch you got your account at and it should tell you the branch code. For cosmo bank it’s listed on your passbook. For Taishin it has a 4 digit number followed by the branch name under “branch” and the 4 digit number is your branch code.

account number, this is a no brainer

credit cards must be confirmed and you need the code, you can either wait for your bank to send you a statement or else you may have to go to the bank and look for a specific charge that says paypalxxxx and you need that number to get your card confirmed.

it’s no rocket science to accept paypal in Taiwan and I have done it for years.