What do you think of Orange County Choppers?

What do you think of Orange County Choppers? I’m not the biggest fan of Choppers, but I love watching them design and put one together…

Woah…how’d we get so far off topic? Uhh, I’d agree with your statement…I don’t like choppers…but I like watching the show and watching the detail and love that’s put into the bikes.

hmmmm… always intersting to watch skilled people fabricate things, although on that show more often than not it’s not those “mullet 'n mustache” guys who do it… if anything they are “builders”… when they want to build a bike they go down to a Walmart like bike parts warehouse, pick up all the finished parts, go back to their little shop and put them together… hardly rocket science… when they do custom stuff they always outsource it to other companies who specialise in CNC stuff, gas tank fabrication, custom parts fabrication, engine building/tuning, gearbox building, etc. etc… then they collect the finished parts, insert Tab-A into Slot-B and take all the credit…

maybe I’m just biased because I don’t like customs/cruisers… :idunno:

They have found their niche market and are riding it all the way to the bank.

Their customers are satified and that what counts!

Current waiting list is 2 years long from what I hear.

They have that show in Taiwan?!?!?!

On the travel channel? Or maybe one of the others…but yeah…they have it.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]They have found their niche market and are riding it all the way to the bank.

Their customers are satified and that what counts!

Current waiting list is 2 years long from what I hear.[/quote]

That’s the truth… They’ve ridden the wave of the custom cruiser revival all the way… I saw a Discovery special on the making of the OCC show… The producers wanted to try a show that cashed in on the custom chopper revival and as is often the case in these situations they were turned down by many bigger/better builders before OCC agreed… these other guys who turned them down must be kicking themselves now, poor bastards :grrr:… so OCC wasn’t chosen for their superior skill or ability, they were just the first mom 'n pop builders to say yes to the Disco-channel…

Now they are a mass public phenomenon like Nascar and WWF that are totally empty and pointless but have a rolling supernova snowball like ability to feed off their own hype and generate even more publicity and interest

Plasma -
There it is.
I personally am not a fan of the type of bikes they build. There’s/Was an Old School chopper builder in NYCity who built much more traditional bikes, was well known in the trade, but wasn’t as "photogenic’ as the OCC guys. A shop in Phoenix, AZ is much farther out on the design and engineering edge than OCC but they told Discovery - “Sorry, we’re just too damn busy tohave you inour shop”. It goes on, many other builders were just as viable for the theme, OCC just came along at the right time with the right “interest factor” - Former ‘Bad Boy’ Dad who cleaned up his act, Talented but slightly less than motivated Son, Slacker DeLuxe Son who’s just a big lovable teddy bear, unseen other guys in the shop who obviously do most of the grunt work…Its a HIT!

Marketing and timing…Ka Ching! :sunglasses:

images.google.com/images?q=orang … rch+Images

The New American Classic - Victory

Still is more entertaining than watching “A Car is Born”.

I love the “American Chopper” show. I think these build-type shows are some of the best reality programs out there. Another fave is Monster Garage (though I haven’t seen that one in while). As bikes go, though they look really cool, I don’t know if I could stand the riding position or the rigid frame (usually no shocks on the rear) of a chopper.

I enjoy it too. That and the American Hot Rod series, even tho Boyd needs a smack in the head.

Have you noticed how every episode has to have some sort of controversy in it, and usually it consists of totally impossible deadlines. Working under such conditions, surely there must be some dodgy stuff that goes on…like $150k Chopper built in X days…if I was handing over that sort of cash I’d like a bit more time/care taken.

The best episode for me so far was the Comanche Bike. 30 seconds to spare, Paul Jr swoops in by helicopter and jumps on a bike that was in pieces 2 mins earlier, and rides off with the crowd cheering.

dsc.discovery.com/fansites/amcho … anche.html

Monster Garage is OK, but Jesse James can get a bit irritating at times…

I like those shows. I’d love to have even 10% of the fabricating and cnc and other technical skills a lot of those guys have. And the shop.

I get a bit bored with the scripts and always personal contreversy those guys are always having. Like a bunch of old grannies arguing about which patch to put in the quilt next.

What channel is american chopper on? When?

I’d like the shows where they restore old cars better. American hotrod is 90% guys not getting along and 10 percent building.

Could you imagine being some guy who went to school to learn how to do what they do and then find your self facing a camera all the time? While you’re trying to do your job? That would suck.

My personal fave bike is the bike they built for one of their employees, Rick Petko. That was an old school style chopper with a jockey shifter and an Indian motor. The Discovery site (see Truant’s link) doesn’t have that bike displayed. Of the ones they do have, I most like the black widow bike.

It’s on Discovery. I think it’s on the local cable version of it as well, though I’m watching on the one I get on the dish. It’s typically on Fridays at 9 (though I can’t watch it then with my sched) and again on Sundays at 11 am. It’s followed by another show I like called “Rides.”

I like Tainan Cowboy’s link the best – they’ve put the petrol tank on back-to-front. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

is there a market for choppers in Taiwan?

I’d definitely build one for myself, but I fear the issues/costs associated with registering it for road would be out of this world.

i’m asking because a friend of mine builds custom bikes/choppers in canada and he wants to know if it’s profitable to import them to taiwan and sell…

here’s one of his bikes he built for a customer:

~ Dre

Dre -
Sweet…clean looking bike.

OT i know but has anyone watched the show about the guys that make furniture out of old plane parts… moto art i think its called… mad show. constant fightling. love it.