What do you think of Taiwanese youth fashion?

What do you think of Taiwanese youth fashion?

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  • Nothing original - they just copy Japanese
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Inquiring minds want to know (well my wife does anyway).

What do you think of Taiwanese youth fashion? (Guanxi to the most thoughtful replies).


Don’t you just love those “Wicked Witch of the East” shoes all the girls are wearing? Ewwwwwww!

Those are non-negotiable deal breakers for me.

When I left three years ago it wasn’t any worse than what I’m seeing now in Southern California. Pants hanging so low on guys that their underwear is hanging out; thong straps visible on girls (man, I’m getting old); weird hats on both sexes; etc. probably not any worse than youth fashion when I was younger, either–bell bottoms, platform shoes. Wait, are those back again?

Those are non-negotiable deal breakers for me.[/quote]

I could live with those. But betelnut-stained teeth are a bit of a turn-off.

Those shoes, I’m told, are called “Harry Potter shoes”. They look painful.

I think the hair dye is getting out of hand. It doesn’t match their faces.

Some of the larger boys will dress exactly like American gang-bangers. I think that looks ugly on anybody.

Bell bottoms, bleached jeans (with patterns), and jeans with holes in them (intentionally placed?) can all be seen here, modeled by stylish teenage girls.

the4 thing that i have noticed is that many of the girls have such good bodies that i couldnt give 2 focks what they wear, ive found my self thinking, my mates back home would ask me what i am doing with a harlequin!

The women ? Generally they look great. Some of the fashion items are a bit wierd but they seem to have much more imagination than where I come from, lots of different combinations some of which work & some dont. The young brides(am I off thread ?) on the whole look beautiful when thay are posing for thier photos, though I think they would look even better in traditional chinese costume. Most have great figures so that helps.
When I go home & make comparisons ,half the women look as if they have just been let out of jail for the day …but then it is colder.

The men ?I Dont look at them much . They look best in black. The ones getting married look rediculous in those white suits.

The slender young things look exquisitely fetching in those low-waisted pants or mini-skirts, spaghetti-strap tops, and plunging necklines, flaunting their enchantingly waspish midriffs and the irresistibly succulent rise of those small but silkily flawless breasts – enough to give a chap quite a tremor and all kinds of naughty thoughts. It makes me wish more than ever that I were ten or twenty years younger.


(You forgot “perky nipples”)

Ahhh… hot summer days. They have their perks, or course, as I’m sure Omni and others would agree.

You people are preverts, the lot of you! You should NOT be staring at the way the thin stretch fabric strains invitingly against the firm ripe smoothness of luscious tawny breasts. You should NOT gasp in pleasure at the sight of a naked midriff exposed almost to the pubic bone with just enough puppyfat to give a hint of roundness. You should AVERT YOUR EYES from the tantalizing glimpses of butt crack visible as she straddles the pillion, hips flaring and buttocks clenching for balance as she … as she… as she… PERVERTS, ALL of you! You should be ashamed of yourselves. :imp: :imp: :imp:

Did Sandman just say ‘Beer’ ? :shock:

The youth fashion here is so cool that I haven’t been attracted to anything my age in the three years I’ve been here!
The long, thick hair streaked with little bits of yellow, those funky black hats and caps, the walletchains, the shorts with huge shoes where you can just catch a glimpse of leg and a few strands of hair, the baggy pants and hot underwear, the black-and white checkered shoes and Anarchy tattoos…

myweb.hinet.net/home2/spunka/spu … ther_b.htm

Check out no. 4 and no.12…sorry, I can’t do the magical “Click here”-hyperlinked-“here”-will-transport-you-to-the-pic-you-want thing. Alas!

as far as fashion…

i’ve decided not to plunge into the depths of some of the others on this site, but i’ve been amazed at just how much fashion is borrowed from other cultures, but then sort of morphed into a new taiwanese version of it. for instance, the whole kangol hats, baggy khakis and chuck taylors/converse fashion is straight out of the 80’s and its rebirth today in hip-hop, such as missy elliott and others. but, and maybe it’s because of the typical size of your avg. taiwanese girl, it looks much different here than people back home look like sporting the early 80’s stuff.

That’s because you can’t discern the attitude.

Some interesting replies.

I liked Omni’s answer, as I too love some of the things the women wear. I remember when I first came here 4 years ago having a little list of 4 fashions at the time that I really liked. I can only remember two though. One was slit skirts (real popular at the time) and the other was see-through tops (with other clothes underneath of course. Oh yeah, another one was short sleeves. I think that has been taken over by the little tops with straps now. I like those. I like to see a little tummy and back. I also like the low-slung jeans, but for some reason, I hate to see a G-string showing underneath it. Another fashion that seems very popular recently is the schoolgirl style plaid skirts. Love those.

I agree with the idea that th styles look different worn here. I think one reason is that they are divorced from what they signify. What I mean is that a ‘hippy’ stlye worn in Taiwan does not signify that the wearer is a hippy etc. It makes a difference.

Anyway, I think people in my home city are excellent dressers (not that you’d know from what I wear), and sometimes I think Taiwanese really don’t have a clue about some things to do with fashion, but there is a lot that I like.

Any broader thoughts about stuff more like youth culture than youth fashion?


I read an article discussing Japanese youth culture where it was stated that Japan is facing the first generation gap ever. If you have a culture that suppresses the individual and focuses on promoting the collective, you might see young people starting to rebel against this.
In Japan, the youth seems to be rebelling against the ideal of finding a company and staying with this company for the rest of your life, six days a week, etc.

They seem to be intent on being different, and this is expressed in changing hair colour and wearing clothing that’s radically different from what your parents are wearing. The problem with this is that it’s easy to become trapped in some marketing manipulation scam, so you find 1000 girls and boys on the street trying to look like the same flavour-of-the-month pop star. So instead of determining their own lives and clothing styles it again becomes a copy of somebody else’s ideas…

It’s like when the “alternative” phase hit the world when “everybody” suddenly looked like and listened to Kurt Cobain, and to be really “alternative” you actually had to listen to Modern Talking or BZN.

Taiwan seems to be experiencing the same kind of thing, just not as extreme as in Japan. You can usually determine the group that young people here are identifying with by looking at their clothes…the hip hop boys, the punks, the pointy-shoe-crowd (haven’t really identified what they’re trying to do :smiley: ).
Because of a rather extreme cultural change over the last couple of years, the youth don’t really have much to base their identity on, and are trying different ideas until they can find something they’re comfortable with.

I couldn’t give a rat’s patooie about any fashion. I do accept that we all gotta wear something, and I don’t begrudge anyone whatever pleasure they obtain from buying and wearing the “latest” in clothing or accessories.

And I too enjoy looking at the local talent showing tantalizing glimpses, and sometimes a bit more) of beautiful skin.

But I have never really understood why people worry about gettin’ all dolled up or dressing any particular way. IMHO, a girl that is pretty will look delicious in just about anything…and for me, not much beats a slightly loose pair of well-worn Levis bluejeans and a simple top.

The entire concept of fashion seems phoney. It seems an attempt to create an “image”… That old saying, “the clothes make the man” has always bothered me. What the hell is “image” anyway? Is that what other people think we are? That brings to mind the old saying about what we really are…

But hell, what do I know? I once went three years without combing my hair. And I get most of my clothes from my brother or from second hand stores (I like clothes that are already broken-in), and I bought most of my suits at Sears. Yeah, yeah, I know, someone might say, “well, it looks like you got that suit at Sears”. But I don’t care. I think its ridiculour to spend lots of $$$ on clothing. I can think of many far better things on which to spend my $$$.


But hell, what do I know? I once went three years without combing my hair. [/quote]

15 years and counting …


If you are interested in seeing what girls are wearing in Japan their is an excellent series of photos on the Shift Magazine site. Hard to directly link to the photo series but it’s called Girls on the Street Archive. Just keep clicking through the splash pages aand you’ll see it half way down the English hompage.