What do you usually grab at 7-11 when you are in rush?

I know, I know those frozen foods are unhealthy. But, I don’t always have any choices. If I am in rush to work, I need to grab something. I normally grab the beef stew with rice. I don’t know if they still make them. But, the one is with pieces of beef, carrots, turnip and meat sauce. I don’t drink the bottled sweet drinks. Only water or I buy fresh fruit juice at a juice stall.

Sweet potatoes are the patricians choice and a healthy option.

Sometimes I get walnuts, but only when I feel like nuts (sometimes I don’t)

Long, long ago, a bag of five spice peanuts and a drink. Nothing since then

What’s your go2 drink?

I think it was the green can of iced tea then. Just water now

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Those rice triangles.

Or a sweet potato.

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ahh, i see you’re a man of culture as well.

What’s your favorite rice triangle flavor?

Or coffee of course.

7/11 brewed or from a can/bottle?

I like the tea egg , drink maybe a tea

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the japanese style sandwiches were good while they had them, limited edition.

Chicken or tuna.

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From that curry chain? Yeah I had one. Made a good breakfast one day

exactly. not as good as the katsu sandwich i had from japan 7-11 but for taiwan it was pretttttty good.

Drink: Big 7/11 latte
Snack: Chicken sandwich thingy

The tuna sandwiches can be pretty passable if you get a good one.


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Not that one. Lemon black tea or something. I can picture the can but I doubt it’s available anymore

What brand?