What do you usually grab at 7-11 when you are in rush?

That’s a bit too much for the memory. Guangquan?

Not a green can, but…

Used to drink this one, as it was one of the few sugar free options.

Looks new

New packaging, but it’s been around a long time.

I get a triangle rice ball and maybe a hot dog. Sometimes a 雞排。

Family Mart has better food than 7-11.

Current favorites: Tuna/pasta salad. Mashed potato/sweet potato with bacon, cheese, and (of course) corn.

Great range of carbonated water drinks recently in both chains.

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Peanut butter sandwich.
Coffee (daily)
Soybean milk with no added sugar.

If starving and no choice, cold noodles.

Used to like the fresh boiled eggs but they quit offering them. I guess people weren’t buying

I usually go for the tea eggs and the hot dog(without the bun)…and my favorite drink is the Lemon water… Sometimes I grab a bag of Lays chips (Original and the lemon flavored), the Cadina fries and the cream filled cake for my midnight snack.

I usually get some beer and maybe a bag or two of potato chips. Some 7-11s also sell 350ml bottles of Johnny Walker Green, which is my go-to blended malt.

if only at a convenience store and non-alcoholic drink, then papaya milk

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If I’m in a rush and need to eat as I go, I grab some raisin bread and a tea drink.