What do you watch online?

I recently moved into a new place and have access to a wireless connection. I never really watched too much tv before, and now think it’d be fine just to watch movies and tv on my computer.

Currently, I only get on espn, cnn, and bbc to listen to the radio and watch some tv. Just wondering what kind of tv you guys get access to, particularly sports. I used to use tvu player, but it was never reliable in my experience. Basically I want to find streaming online tv. Also, getting tv shows from the States would be great. I’ve heard using p2p is excellent for sports, but have never used it. Thanks for any suggestions.

Most p2p services aren’t streaming and most US content is locked out for people living outside of the states, even if it’s free for people in the US. You might want to give Joost a go, it works ok, but most of the stuff doesn’t hold my attention and a lot of it is old.
Apart from that I don’t really know any free “legal” services that works here.

I just use BitTorrent to download a bunch of TV shows. Great to stay up to date with Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Leno, Letterman, Weeds, Conan O’Brien etc. All the good content is on there and shows are usually uploaded the day after.

It’s the summertime now so when prime time kicks back in gear, there will be The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs (maybe?) Saturday Night Live, etc to watch. I thought I’d move to Taiwan and lose touch with pop culture but I don’t think that’s a real concern now.

In the middle of watching the Emmy award-winning series “John Adams”. Man it’s quality! I guess I’ve never been one to watch historic dramas, but Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are really great.

What else? For reality TV I just finished the latest season of Last Comic Standing. Was pretty good. Also looking forward to Reno 911 when it comes back on.

I also tried TV Ants to watch sports and have had success in the past. It was especially useful when there were some German colleagues visiting during Euro 2008 and they wanted to catch the game in Taiwan. I’ve recently tried to get Olympic coverage, but I’ve got to mess around with my router at home because I think some of the ports are blocked for this. (Never had an issue when I was using it elsewhere.)

TV Ants is worth a try if you want to get sports in the future.

I watch/listen to silly stuff like this:
Billy Connelly
youtube.com/watch?v=TIuGmqvi … re=related

Derek & Clive

Anything else is far too complicated for my simple soul…

These is a company provides US tv program.
I just looked up Nationphone.com provides 12~250 channels.
Huh…a phone company has tv service? Yes, it does.
There is a channel list in TV service section.

Make sure that you have enough bandwidth to enjoy the streaming, maybe over 512k bps?
Hope this is helpful.