What does 爽 mean?

can anyone tell me what 爽 means in mandarin, in taiwan?

Never heard that before huh? :wink: It is ‘shuang3’.

I really like this word, as it’s very useful, but there’s no easy English equivalent. If you look it up in the dictionary, you’re going to get something like ‘refreshing’, but the more common use of the word is sexual. It means something more like ‘satisfied/satisfying’ or just ‘good’. So after good sex you could say ‘wo hen shuang’, or during sex, “oh hen shuang, mm, zhei bian hen shufu, hao shuang ah” :smiley: :smiley: Or “Was it good for you?” would be “ni hen shuang ma?”

Other non-sexual use would be for something very satisfying, like maybe you win an argument or succeed in something beyond expectations. This has more fo a self-satisfied even smug feeling about it - “ta hen shuang” = "well he’s pleased with himself.


Another good translation is “sated”, I think. A good phrase to learn is “Ni shuang, jiu hao…”, which means "whatever turns your crank. In Taiwanese that would be “Song diu ho.” And in Taiwanese, hanky-panky translates as song wai-wai. :smiley: