What does an umbrella tell you about the owner?

Male, 32
Umbrella, Hello Kitty

Tel me the story.

Taiwanese? Girlfriend called and said bring me my umbrella.

Foreigner? Hope no one sees me but it’s all I got.

Female, 42
Umbrella, Lexus merchandise.

That’s all she has to try and be somebody.

Male, 55
Umbrella, missing some parts.

I’m the kind of “guy” who will carry your purse (and shopping bags, which are filled with stuff I bought for you) and let you walk all over me.

homeless man

So far so good, now start making up some stuff about people with umbrellas.

No money to buy a new one. All his money is going towards his son’s college education in the states. He’s saving where he can save.

It started raining and he just took an umbrella available from a lunchbox place.

Male, 62
Umbrella, green, oversized

Die-hard DPP supporter from Pingdong.

Male, 28
Blue and white umbrella, acquired at computex for free almost 2 years ago. Still in good condition.

A freeloader that goes to all exhibitions to get free stuff.

A kaobei engineer.

An umbrella saying Funkdoobiest used by a 40 year old

I’d have to ask him, “Which Doobie U B?”

Um, meme of the moment?

I think that everyone who uses an umbrella is scared of getting wet. That may be a generalisation: treat with care…


I found a cheap source of Umbrellas outside 711 stores. Better when raining . The “take one for free” works well, although some swine stole mine once. Pfft.