What does 'Factory Mutual' mean?

From a brochue that lists some technical specifications:

What does that mean?

Wow, that’s a pretty weird phrase. Is it the Motorola radio??

I’m guessing that it means that the device won’t spark or trigger other control devices.

“Intrinsically Safe” safe means it’s safe to use in an explosive atmosphere.
“Factory Mutual” (FM) is an insurance company. So I’m guessing that “Factory Mutual intrinsically safe version” means it is approved by them and you get insurance, others are too dangerous for them to insure you. Maybe you should ask an engineer.
fmglobal.com/approvals/appro … cation.asp
fmglobal.com/approvals/resou … s/3610.pdf

:idunno: just a guess.

[quote=“honeywell.com”]Factory Mutual Systems is an association of mutual companies dedicated to minimizing the loss of insured property. Through its research group, the Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC), it investigates means of preventing and minimizing fire and other types of losses. Factory Mutual laboratories test and approve two broad categories of devices and materials:

  1. Those used to control or prevent property damage.
  2. Those that would present a serious hazard if not properly designed.
    Factory Mutual Approval refers to a device/product that has been tested and found suitable for general application, subject to any limitation stated in the approval and usually in the Factory Mutual System Approval Guide Listing. Factory Mutual Acceptance refers to a specific installation or arrangement of equipment. Installations using approved products are accepted if found satisfactory after a review of the plans and an Inspection of the completed work.
    The manufacturer provides production samples of a device/product that are thoroughly examined and laboratory tested. If the product meets Factory Mutual requirements associated with the device, the product is approved and listed in the annual edition of the Factory Mutual Approval Guide. A continuing follow-up program is accomplished through periodic inspections of the manufacturer’s facilities and the issuance of performance reports for the device operating in its intended applications.[/quote]

Great replies, that helped. Many thanks!

(I found the link to the insurance thing but thought it didn’t relate at first)