What does "published" mean in the academic world?

I dont disagree. I think a person actually has to be passionate about the work done to keep wanting to do it. I literally view publishing as volunteer work. if it is good for the world, it should be done. there is no profit in it unless we are talking grant mills. which are the norm, but reduces the quality of the field more often than not :frowning:

it is also why I went to private industry fairly quick. it allows me to make money while being moral and while being able to put out useful information I feel the world could use. academia is the literal example of retardation. and yet, we do actually need it for standards. I just wished it would be improving rather than degrading.

I can only imagine this is what it feels like for those rich proud parents that got their kids through Harvard doctorate and they just ended up meth heads begging for change. perhaps a bit exaggerated, but the disappointment is no joke.

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