what does this word mean 道理


what does this word mean 道理?



In your sentence, the meaning is probably closest to “principles.” In other contexts it can mean sense, logic, reason, truth, etc. It’s one of those words that’s hard to find an exact English equivalent for.


The etymology of the word: 道 means way or path. 理 means principle or nature’s order. Together they mean the order of the way, or reason for things to be the way they are.

All the words Dr Milker mentioned can be used when translating 道理, depending on the context. It can also mean common sense, method.




Get Chinese perekun add on in your browser and never have to ask a question like that again. just hover the mouse over the character and the pinyin and translation pops up

In this case it is saying: daoli: reason argument, sense, principle, basis, justification



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The first thing I did was search the dictionary, thank you

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thank you very much, Your answers helped me in my doubt


cheers. Another good thing about the perekun is that you see translations for each character individually, and for each word or phrase that it is a part of in the exact context. Its pretty useful.


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how config?
Popup Theme: (Restart Required)
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I cant keep this config, Always comes back automatically


Yea I have the same problem recently. Even if its set to simplified it still senses traditional do it doesn’t make much difference anyway.


I use a Chrome extension that also has popup translation functions: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-chinese-english/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde
Works perfect to my needs.