What does your buxiban charge for kids classes?

For 2 hour-class twice per week, how much does your buxiban charge for kids classes for 12 weeks?

  • Less than NT$6000
  • NT$6000
  • NT$6500
  • NT$7000
  • NT$7500
  • NT$8000
  • NT$8500
  • NT$9000
  • More than NT$9000

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I’m trying to get a feel for current pricing expectations in the marketplace…

We are located in Taipei County…
We currently charge 6500 per kid for 36 hours at 12 weeks x 2 x 90 minutes classes.
7500 per kid per 48 hours at 12 weeks x 2 x 120 minutes.
both with breaks.

What is your school charging? Do you reckon your pricing is high/moderate/low compared to the others in your area?

I’m trying to figure out what the chain schools charge as well as the non-system schools…

If you want to share, it’d be great…


OK. I’ve voted … I do think our school is relatively less expensive than Taipei City, but … our classes are much smaller and we are a little pricy in our neighborhood, I think. I would love to know what other’s pricing is like, esp.

Sesame Street
Columbia’s School

So, if you’ll share. Once I have the results, I will compile a summary.

What no takers for my poll, or is too late? :whistle:

If you have a Taiwanese partner - or just use a friend - get them to phone around and ask. They can pretend they have a kid they want to send to English class.

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I’d be interested to know also.

I work at a junior high school.

Mine doesn’t apply, as there are ten hours of classes per week. The charge is about 12K a month, it’s located in Taipei city and it isn’t a chain school.

I think Hess charged about 9K for twelve weeks at four hours of class per week two years ago when I worked there.

a lot of schools won’t give you a quote over the phone, they make you show up, some kid in tow to prevent competition ( or hinder) from getting insider info

So you borrow someone’s kid or send your relatives along.

So what do the current rates look like?

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If you make a new poll, I suggest the bottom at under 8k and the top much higher

The suggestion to call around to the chains is a good one. I don’t know what my employer charges students, and I umagine at least some other Forumosans don’t actually have the info you want

Are you thinking of private tutoring by yourself?


17800 for 48 two hour classes(6 months) So about 9000 for 12 weeks if you want to compare to the original poll.

Another 3.5k for books.

One class a week is with a foreign teacher, one is with a Taiwanese teacher.

It hasn’t gone up much at all. They changed from charging every three months to every 6 but the money works out similar.

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Yeah I’m thinking about just finding my own clients because I want more time to focus on my PhD studies

Interesting! Thanks for the insight I appreciate it. Interesting the prices didn’t go up with inflation

Edit: this seems so low. it would take 23 students to cover the lower end salary of a single teacher (assuming that teacher makes 70,000 a month)

Surprised me too when I saw the latest request for payment. With the combining of levels ( two three month levels becoming one six month level) the classes have more students in now so I guess that is how they are able to keep prices the same.

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But that teacher would only be teaching four hours a week.

That is the price for a four hour a week class.

For the ones that study English every day, and stay to complete homework, it is more.

Oh duh because they’re only 2 hour blocks. I still think it’s lower than I thought

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That might be a better question: what do peopls charge for their private clients

I haven’t done it in Taiwan, my rate would start at 1000NT, and up depending on the gig

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