What exactly is a JFRV?

What is the correct term for the visa you have when you hold a marriage-based ARC?

Article 25 of the Immigration Act indicates that you can. However, certain residence purposes are excluded. Residence periods on an ARC issued on the basis of studying or blue collar labor are explicitly excluded. Article 25, Immigration Act

Please note that JFRV is not a proper legal term in the Immigration Act. What you refer to as “JFRV” is an ordinary ARC with the purpose of joining family.

The V stands for visa. When you have an ARC, you also have a visa, do you not?

What visa exactly are you referring to here?

So you show your JFRV? and they’re like okay sure you can work now.

Again: JFRV is not a term used in the Immigration Act!

If your ARC has the residence purpose of joining family, there will be a note placed next to the residence purpose in red ink stating that you do not need to apply for a work permit to legally work. Please refer to the attached sample picture I pulled from the NIA website.

Thank you! lol

So a marriage based ARC.

Do you know if you have an APRC or “marriage based ARC” , can you lose it by breaking the law? Or get deported?

According to Article 95 of the Criminal Code, foreign offenders sentenced to prison sentences may be deported. This would be decided in their sentence. [1]

The Immigration Act contains a number of other circumstances in which ARC and APRC holders (including those married to ROC citizens) may be deported.

However, as most circumstances in which foreigners find themselves deported involve illegal work, those who hold an ARC based on marriage or an APRC will rarely find themselves in risk of deportation.

Stay clear of criminal offences (including drunk driving), and you should be fine.

I was wondering about teaching kindy because that is illegal and I know you run the risk of being deported if you’re caught.

Drunk driving is common back home, people do it a lot. (I don’t drink alcohol)
Assault could also be something to consider.

This is actually a work permit issue. Work permits for teaching English in kindergarten are not issues, as teaching English in kindergarten is not permitted.
I doubt you would be deported, but I cannot condone any illegal behavior.

That is technically correct. :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, the legal basis for a resident visa for the purpose of joining family is Art. 13 of the 外國護照簽證條例施行細則 (Enforcement Rules for the Issuance of ROC Visas to Foreign-Passport Holders).

Foreign passport holder may apply for resident visas in order to: join family; pursed studies; undertake employment; invest; conduct missionary work; conduct official duties; participate in international exchange programs; and engage in other activities approved by MOFA or other relevant agencies at the central-government level.

Unless related approval is not required, the applicant shall submit documents issued by the competent authorities at the central-government level, or their authorized agencies, approving the purpose of the applicant’s visit to the ROC when applying for a resident visa.





So when Forumosans discussing marriage with ROC-nationals-with-household-registration use the term JFRV or “joining family resident visa”, are they not referring to this type of visa?

What most Forumosans mean by “JFRV” is an ARC issued for the purpose of joining family. Or they mean both. For instance, many Forumosans contrast an ARC with “JFRV” . There appears to be a lot of confusion and there should be a clear mod policy for this.

I don’t quite see the problem here. JFRV’s are a thing, and so are marriage-based (or family-based) ARC’s.

When I talk about JFRV’s, it’s usually in the context of work rights for foreign spouses. Are you saying a JFRV is not enough, and a foreign spouse needs an ARC before starting a job?

When others talk about “marriage-based ARC’s” (JFARC’s I suppose), it’s usually in the context of the pursuit of APRC’s, but I haven’t noticed this confusion you’re talking about.

(I would love to wave a magic wand and fill the world with enlightenment about the difference between a visa exemption and a landing visa. Let me know if you figure out a spell for that.)

Precisely, a foreign spouse needs to have been granted residence (且獲准居留者) to have working rights by virtue of being married to a ROC national with household registration in the Taiwan Area. Under the Immigration Act, residence for foreigners refers to being granted an ARC. It is even a contentious issue whether APRC holders married to ROC nationals need a work permit.

In fact, a resident visa (or any sort of visa) will be entirely irrelevant from the moment the foreign spouse has been granted an ARC.


Yeah, don’t even get me started on that one.

I thought there was an official statement, years ago, that a JFRV was enough. I’ll see if I can find it later.


So what is a JFRV and a JFARC then?

If I understand correctly, a resident VISA is just a permission to enter Taiwan for a residence purpose, and I should hold a valid permission to stay here (ARC) besides the VISA. I’ve renewed my ARC before the expiration data, but never renewed my VISA.

ARC and work permit are also different things. Usually, a foreigner with an employment ARC needs to get a work permit besides the ARC, but a foreign spouse with a joining family ARC does not need to get a work permit. Aren’t you confusing this with ARC?

The work permit comes before the work-based ARC.

@Zapman I don’t think anyone actually says JFARC, but anyway it’s what we discussed above.

Ya. Anyway, a “marriage-based ARC” holder doen’t need the work permit to work here, but needs the ARC to live in Taiwan. JFRV is not enough to live here. … is my understanding.

What particularly do you mean by JFRV. I am asking since that is not a term in ROC law.

I don’t know. These aren’t terms in ROC law.