What forms do I need to pay my taxes?

What forms do I need to pay my taxes? My school didn’t deduct all year and now I have read that if I don’t do the work and pay myself I might not be able to get a new job arc when the time comes? I finally got the one paper from the company they said I needed (do I need anything else) and it looks like they are under reporting my taxes. Will I be asked a host of questions at the tax office? I’m a little concerned about this…


Just show up at the tax office and ask what you need. They will help you out.

does the one paper include how much you made and how much the school deducted (and paid)? this would be similar to a W2 in the US. Of course your school didn’t pay anything but I don’t think the tax office will care as long as you pay. They might not be happy but say you don’t understand why your school didn’t deduct.

I think it says how much I supposedly made (they say its under 200,000) for like 10 months of work. Doesn’t that look ridiculous? I don’t think it says they deducted anything on the sheet cause they didn’t? I just want to show up with the right paperwork so I don’t have to make several trips. Thanks for your help Abacus!

The people at the tax office are really friendly. I deal with them all the time due to the nature of my work. They will actually do all the filing for you if you go down to any of their offices. But be smart and avoid all that by doing it online. All you need is a copy of your ARC and the “w-2” statement your company gave you. Even if they were less than honest on their tax forms, it wont hurt you as they are the ones who would take the blame. Just make sure on your end you received everything you were sopposed to and that if they ever did withhold money from you that it is properly documented. If they deducted but didnt report it on he “w-2” then they pocketed it.

If they only reported 200k for you and never deducted taxes then no need to worry about taxes as you wont quallyify to pay anything. You dont pay taxes unless you make around 350,000.

You can just download the tax program they created for foreigners and file everything online. There is no need to go wait in line with everyone else for hours on end. The program is very simple to use if a little confusing in some of their choice of english phrasing. The system just lets you punch in your info and they do all the rest. Make sure you mark the box that asks if you want your paper about “tax proof statement” as this is the paper your employee will want in order to renew your ARC.

Here is the link to the system and the instructions.

ntbt.gov.tw/etwmain/front/ET … 5392796542

Hope this helps too.

thanks G-Tec… you are a helpful one… Yes they actually reported under 200k for me so do I need to go to the tax office at all? How do I get the tax proof statement if I didn’t pay anything to get my ARC?

Thanks much…

I would still go down to the tax office since they will do the filing for you and you can be sure that it’s done correctly (for a first timer). I think you still need to file even if you don’t need to pay taxes.

Reporting only 200K in income sounds a little fishy since the min pay for a teacher is supposed to be 33K-ish/mo. I think they have to report your income as at least 33K/mo and pay the NHI rate for that bracket. That should also have been deducted from your paycheck assuming you have NHI. I’m not sure if a school could get around that but schools are experts at shenanighans 101.

The tax proof statement is a copy of your tax form and your school will need it to apply for a new work permit when your current work permit expires. Once you get your work permit you can renew your ARC (for $1000NT).

I really don’t know what to do then… It’s not my fault I can’t control my school… I am trying to leave Taiwan and probably come back within a few months. I want to have my paperwork in order so when I do find a new job I can get an ARC. My school did not withhold any taxes and they told me I don’t have to pay taxes. So how do I get this sheet to get the ARC ? That is all I need to figure out…

Just go to the tax office. Take any pay slips, forms etc you got from your school. The tax office will be able to sort it out.

there should be nothing to worry about. Just go to the tax office and let them handle it. If something isn’t right it’s not your fault then just use your best weapon. ‘I don’t know what my school was doing’.

I will disagree with craig’s advice. Don’t offer up your paystubs. They don’t really want to look at them anyway (I took them one time). The reason not to offer them up is that in your case they likely substantially differ from the reported amounts and that’s a can of worms that you don’t really want to open up. Additionally if you don’t have the correct piece of paper (similar to a W2) you can go to a different desk and get a copy of this. The tax office is actually really helpful and it is much easier than a foreigner (especially if you’re American) expects.

thanks for the helpful advice Abacus. I guess I will just take the form they gave me and go down to the office tomorrow. Yes I am an American so im expecting such things to be a nightmare… Thanks again!

BTW, someone above said the “Tax Proof Statement” was just a copy of your tax form, i guess in a pinch they might let that slide when getting a new work permit but the real form is actually called “Tax Proof Statement”, in Chinese of course, and you need to make sure to ask for it. Also in all my dealings with the Taipei Tax office in Shilin they have always been so helpful, since your school obviously didn’t follow the minimum Foreigner payment amount it is not your fault at all. Seriously, they won’t question you on the reported amounts as you have no power to make those kind of decisions and they know it. Doing some creative accounting though they could have reported that you barely worked over the minimum of 183 days which is six months and just reported that you made the minimum foreigner amount in a minimum amount of time above 183 days. Any way that is their deal and not yours.