What friends are for, after all?

Well, as normal everywhere in the world, people who have a lot of apartments tend to lend them to some good friends. Specially when those apartments are in extremelly expensive places and the friends are important lawmakers in that country. So, it is not surprising that Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Spokeswoman Cheng Li-wen (鄭麗文) was found to be living in an apartment that was lended by her very good friend Chou Hsin-yi (周信義), a businessman who is known to maintain good relationships with various politicians.
Now what it is not correct is when people mistake these acts of friendship with corruption. And now, the poor woman has to move from her Da An residence to another cheezy place. How can she be a good lawmaker if she does not live in a place with good fong shui? How can this country be led into prosperity, when legislators have to pay for their own apartments?
In this wonderfull world, I think that after buying my 20th apartment in Xinyi, I will lend it to some good friends, because, and that is the point here, what friends are for, after all?

As long as it’s in the Register of Members’ Interests then it’s kosher. What Register of Members’ Interests? Oh, yeah, er, um.

Ahhh come on. This kind of thing happens in the UK all the time and I am sure in the US> so why not here?

Mr Peter Mandelson resigned after some scandal involving an undeclared loan for his house from a friend I believe… now he’s in European politics where I assume that kind of thing is less frowned upon?

Mr Peter Mandelson didn’t come up to media asking the journalists what was wrong with that, did he? he just did what had to be done…

Actually I think he asked Mr Blair what was wrong with it and initially refused to resign 2 or 3 times…am working from memory though.

“In December 1998 it was revealed that Mandelson had bought a home in Notting Hill in 1996 with the assistance of an interest-free loan of £373,000 from Geoffrey Robinson, a millionaire Labour MP who was also in the Government but was subject to an inquiry into his business dealings by Mandelson’s department. Given Mandelson’s closeness to Tony Blair, this gave the appearance of buying favours. Although Mandelson had deliberately not taken part in any decisions relating to Robinson, he knew he should have declared the loan as an interest, and he was sacked on 23 December 1998. Mandelson had also not declared the loan to his mortgage company, an offence under UK law, although they decided not to take any action.”

From Wikipedia on Peter Mandelson

Clearly not the same case…

I cannot see why a businessman cannot lend a house in Da An to one of the top ranking members of the KMT. It can only be a crime if anyone in CSB familly was found to have sent flowers for decoration of the veranda…

Wasn’t the magazine (NEXT) that reported these recent KMT improprieties the same one that got in trouble with CSB a few years ago?


they are good at burning both camps?

Or they became a CSB mouth piece to prevent being shut down.

But without a sex VCD this isn’t much of a story.

well, what can I say…

So Next is the Mouthpiece of CSB… just because they published true stories about KMT people?
The people in the stories confirmed they where true, so one piece of real journalism is now considered as a mouthpiece of someone?

Do you even know what real journalism is? Besides asking the mother of Chao if he has eaten his breakfast?

Or maybe this isn’t much of a story because it is the KMT spokesperson? So basically, half of the media will let this one slip quietly…

I would assume that quality jouralism would write about how is this relevant to the public.
Was there influence peddling, extra marital affair, corruption involved?

What’s the difference between this story and rich people that lend out properties to friends for “summering” overseas.

Is the girl a politician or just a spoke person? Give a politician free rent would definitely be a big no-no. Of course, in this day and age, anyone connected to politics needs to live like a saint.

She is someone pretty low in the KMT organization, a talking head that has good diction and can read from a cue card to the press, so her influence on policies in Taiwan somewhat questionable.

I think the DPP is grasping at straws at this point, because the next round of accusations against CSB are hitting pretty close to home now. 1.1 million USD is unaccounted for in the super secret slush fund use for diplomacy. The ironic thing of course is that Next Magazine got in trouble with CSB for breaking this story a few years back.

And because of something that happened a few years ago, if this magazine says something about KMT it means they are doint as CSB told? Don’t really get your point, no one is talking about CSB here, so why the hell are you talking about him?

Maybe it was CSB who told the guy to lend the apartment to her, no? Or maybe CSB himself presented them in a lavish party in the Presidential Office, and was paying himself the rent with non-burned Sogo Coupons… Or TDC shares.
Isn’t everything bad that happens in Taiwan CSB’s fault?
I’m still waiting for the connection between the derailment case and CSB… there has got to be some, for god sake.

Anyway, in any part of the world, any politician knows they have to be hollier than the pope. Normal thoughts do not apply to them, because they are easy targets for corruption. If the lady was unaware of this, then she is stupid. But then, this Taiwan, the only democracy within a chinese society, so all the rest of the people just don’t get it…

This thread has stepped into the realm of moralism thus leaving most journalists behind. Even Bill Moyers can only ask poingnent questions of the great thinkers and act as an occasional sounding board when it comes to moralism.