What gadgets have highest resale value in Taiwan

I’m reading into customs declarations here in Taiwan.

Says (Import Free):

• Personal articles that have been owned and used by the passengers abroad up to the value of NT$10,000 for each piece or set.

• Combination of personal articles (new items) or gifts up to the value of NT$20,000 [/quote]

My interpretation of this rule means you get to bring all your used items + now also an additional $20,000 NT worth of new electronics?

Not much around $700. So basically an unlocked phone I think would be the best. Anyone know the highest profit margins? A couple hundred dollars in easy money.

All phones sold in Taiwan are unlocked.

Sorry but if you’re looking at selling most electronics gear here from overseas to make a profit, just forget it. The prices often spiral downwards quickly. eg: Some guy on Taichung Swap shop was looking to sell a router he bought eight months ago for 800 NT when the same model now goes for less than 400 brand new.

Apple stuff always has the best resale, but the best resale is often on eBay, not inside of Taiwan. That or pro camera gear. I sold my used Canon 1DMkII bodies here for more than I paid.