What game are you playing?


I feel that Bungie makes things 50% of what it can be, except for the gameplay. Luckily I log on to shoot stuff.

The shortness of the expansion I can accept, but that last fight was a bit of a joke (as cool as it looked).

Looking forward to the raid lair this weekend.


I got a sushi shop, milk shop, police station, fire station, ice and fruit shop tuk-tuk repair shop and mr moai.

Prob should spend less.

edit: oh and a countryside train station…


So technically…I’m winning at life if I have less buildings and upgrades? haha


I’d wager the less winning in games overall you do, the more you are probably winning at life.


And when will my character finally speak?!


Does make for awkward cut scenes thats for sure.




Anyone playing on a Nintendo switch?


@Liub @hansioux

Just got my milkshop… took awhile


A free demo for Monster Hunter: World is available on PS4. Pretty fun… Although I feel bad for chopping beautiful dinosaurs to pieces…


The Champions’ Ballad


I finally finished Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s way too combat heavy but it did have some good old school TR platforming sections.


@hansioux @Liub took me awhile, but finally got a nice row of level 4s.

I’m now watching the stupid 30 second ads everyday bc I know I’ll need diamonds later on to upgrade.

So far, I’ve exceeded my expectations of how long I’d actually play this game.


I find the way they worked ad watching into the game mechanics pretty ingenious.


The only mobile game I like is Soccer Stars. Pretty good head to head competition


Anyone here play on steam?


Ha, me too, I’ve been faithfully playing this since I read about it here. Today I got my Japanese restaurant! (Lv. 6 Food)


That’s nuts. I’ve just managed to get my first level 5 food store and it’ll probably take me another year of playing to get my second one so I can make a level 6.

Though I had the original XBOX, I’ve been a Playstation gamer for about a decade. But I got the XBOX ONE X recently, mainly because I needed a 4K blu-ray player and the PS4 PRO doesn’t play 4K discs. It’s an interesting experience, drastically different to the PS4 in so many ways. But I’m getting used to it and having fun with a few of the exclusive games I wouldn’t have been able to try otherwise.

They have a game pass which basically gives you access to a bunch of games for a monthly fee. This is in addition to Games with Gold which is similar to Playstation’s instant game collection.

Gears of War 4: was pretty disappointed at first but now I’m in Act II and getting further into it, it’s kinda fun. I do hope they switch it up a bit from time to time. Looks good in 4K but the actual game assets are a little dated so it’s not going to look as good as some of the modern games.

Halo 5: I only ever played the first game. This newer one feels similar to how I remember the original, but nicer looking overall. There haven’t been any moments that have blown my mind yet.

Quantum Break: kind of cool, very cinematic. I like games with time-skewering elements.

I like all the PS4 exclusives more but glad I can get a taste of both now.


Doooood, that looks sweet. I just got my first level 4 not too long ago. I was beginning to think no one continued to play. I really really like how it kills two birds with one stone.

You don’t need to grind like other games and the most time you’ll actually spend in the game is rearranging your buildings or watching ads for diamonds.

I’ve recently rearranged the city so all the same buildings are right next to each other. I previously made the mistake of using up all my money on level 1 buildings not knowing I had higher levels of other buildings to merge. Never again.


I’ve tapped out from Fortune City, had a few level 5’s then realised it was probably too much for me to continue :(/