What game are you playing?


Having a couple level 5s = realization that you spend more money than necessary in x category


A man’s gotta eat!


Anyone playing any steam co-op games? Just recently got 2 steam controllers and a steam link. (They were on sale at Guanghua for 3200nt for 2 controllers and the link). The steam link works great allowing play in the living room on the big TV.

Got about 20 games on the steam sale (on now until Jan 5th) for 2k (mainly co-op and party games). My other half is loving some of the co-op games especially this puzzle game Overcooked. We are either laughing uncontrollably or yelling at each other…

I don’t know what is worse the constant nagging that she wants to play, or the nagging before I got the controllers that she wants me to stop playing CS:GO all day everyday.


Got myself a copy of Don’t Starve Together, for some CoOp starvation fun. Anyone want to starve together?


my highest leveled buildings. also has a nice level 5 park


The park looks like it’s a high level drink shop.

Still don’t see the point in spending coins on parks, there’s no ROI like the others where you can assign citizens into them.


Nice park.

I think they just contribute to the overall happiness (kind of like real life parks)?

I like this game because you can’t really spend excessive amounts of time on it. Here are my highest level buildings in a row: Lv. 4 hotdog stand, tea art classroom, pet supply store, countryside train station, police station, and Lv. 6 Japanese restaurant.


That is a high level drink shop. I didn’t take photos of the park. I sort of use the parks as a way to prevent the city reaching coin capacity during my sleep…


Luckily, my HTC 10 does a great job in not running the app in the background as I sleep. I go to sleep with 1000 coins and I wake up with that many. Both good and bad.


I picked up Ratchet and Clank for free on the PS4.
After playing it, I would have gladly paid for it.
Really fun, really funny and refreshing after playing so many RPGS etc.

If you want a mildly challenging game that has a lot of humor, give it a go! It is free for PS Plus members.


Asia region? My PS Plus is through my US account and I can barely remember what we got last month. I think Kung Fu Panda and something else I already owned. Ratchet and Clank would have been fun.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is free this month. I know nothing about it but looks like it could be fun. I already finished the telltale Batman game (also free) which is alright. A slightly different take on Batman.




Nice! That’s a US$60 game! Must have just changed today, because I looked yesterday and it was still last month’s.

That means Ratchet & Clank might be gone from the Asia region too. It was last month’s. (I have both accounts).


Nope. It is still there until the 10th.


For US PS Plus, they’ll be up early morning on the first Wednesday of the month (also known as Tuesday in the US). Asia seems to be always different though. I used to have Taiwan PS Plus but a couple of years ago the games were always lame so it wasn’t worth the money. Seems a lot better now.


I have both and it’s pretty much hit or miss on both. The US account had several misses in a row last year while the TW account had some good ones. Sometimes they are the same games.


Yeah, USA used to be much better than Asia but now they’re pretty much on par with one another. I can’t justify paying for both, and I don’t want to switch to Asia now because I have a 4+ year backlog of games on my US account. Plus the discounts are usually better.

Every now and then they throw in a gem. This month looks like it may be good, and even though I already Platinumed Infamous: Second Son I think that was a good addition. I’d wanted to play Metal Gear Solid V too, so that was good. Overall, I got my money’s worth. I just can’t help but feeling let down every now and then.


If you use a US PS+ account in Taiwan, aren’t there restrictions of some sort? Do they block you from downloading or purchasing games not in the Asia region? Do they turn off some features?


The main issue is, you can’t link a Taiwan bank account or paypal account to it. You can buy PSN codes and redeem them, though. I buy them from amazon and they’re delivered digitally. You just need to have your billing address set in the US.

The only features you can’t access are the video content (Playstation Video or Vue) and Playstation Now. Those are geo-blocked. A DNS used to work but not anymore. I’ve heard VPNs will work but I don’t feel it’s worth the hassle.

Playstation Now works by streaming the games. It’s funny, because I just got an XBOX and they have a Game Pass which lets you download the games and play them (as long as you’ve got an active subscription). So it basically works in every region with just a few differences in the games available. Plus the Games for Gold, there’s a lot there.


I also downloaded The Last Blade (月華の劍士). Ah… the memories…