What game are you playing?


There is a good sale for CNY on PSN Taiwan, you also get a code that will give you a 20% discount on your entire cart.

There will be 2 sales, first one ends 14th, second starts 15th.


Honestly I don’t play enough games these days to care much about sales. 20% off a 60$ game is 12$ off. I’m only buying worthwhile games so it’s not enough for me to care. Maybe if I’m buying and going through a bunch of games.


It’ll be 20% off on top of whatever deal they’re already offering. So if they’re offering 50% off, say, that’s $30 then get another $6 off that. But, yeah, if you weren’t interested in getting the game anyway there’s no reason why you would.

But if you wanted it, $12 off is $12 off.

Taiwan sale:

Ooh, Horizon Zero Dawn is $833 minus another $160ish. Bargain. || Star Wars Battlefront II is $740 || Sims 4 is $675 || Fractured But Whole is $805 || Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy is $455 || Watch_Dogs 2 is $683 (I have the Platinum Trophy, not difficult but fun). || Skyrim Special Edition is $597 || Titanfall 2 is $444 || Battlefield 1 Revolution is $610 || Mafia III $521 ($782 for the deluxe edition) || Witcher Game of the Year $829 || Doom $390 || Uncharted 4 $833 || Final Fantasy VII $341 || Assassin’s Creed Syndicate $254 || Uncharted Collection $474 || Batman Arkham Knight $570 ($840 for the premium edition) || Saints Row IV $270 || Battlefield Hardline $111 || Dragon Age Inquisition $299 || Last of Us Remastered $354 || Watch_Dogs $335 || Tomb Raider Definitive Edition $395 || Wolfenstein New Order $193

Some good deals. Those are the prices without PS Plus. If you have Plus, they’ll be even cheaper. Plus the extra 20% off.


Doom is under 300nt with PS plus and you get 20% off? It is a good deal.

If you have 3000nt worth of games in your cart, -20% you’ll pay 2400. Take that 600nt you saved and go buy 8 lunch boxes. That is a week of lunch bro! for the juicy gains.


I actually just purchased 1 month of PS Plus so I could get a bit extra off. I bought:

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition $715
Doom $233
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate $135
Wolfenstein New Order $102
Battlefront II $592

Plus I bought 1 month of Plus for $165, but it saved me a bit more than that.


another sale on the 15th, looking forward to it too!


It looks fun, I love RPGs


This guy does good reviews!


CNY part 2 sale is up for PSN users

Games don’t really seem different from part 1


Playing kingdom come now. Apparently these types of games are not popular in Taiwan and no ones heard of it. You need to get a digital copy if you want to play it. Seems like Taiwanese gamers don’t enjoy RPGs much. Probably because you need a high level of English skills on deep RPG games reading and following the story and lore.

People here and also in Japan like very cartoonish games.


Currently playing the 2014 2.5D remake of Strider. Absolutely brilliant if you like old-school games.


You made me think of something here–what was the name of the original arcade spaceship left to right scrolling game? Or first big one anyway. I put a lot of quarters in it, but I can’t remember.



Or if you’re old enough, Choplifter? :wink:

Edit: Wait, Choplifter wasn’t at the arcades, I don’t think. It was on old green screen PCs.


Bubble spinner - old but still addictive.


Scramble! But maybe Defender was first.




There looked to be one or two new things added but nothing notable. Week 2 was basically a bust.

From the games I bought last week:

Horizon Zero Dawn: loads of fun, a few missions in but still obviously at the very beginning. I’m not addicted yet but I think I may really get into it soon.

Doom: looks dated but seemed okay. Only played for a few minutes. It’s funny they’re still pushing this game so hard with VR and that. It doesn’t look great, I don’t think.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: I enjoy it, the London setting is fun. Just opened sandbox mode so still much to do (but there only seems to be a few main missions). Find the controls smoother than the last AC game I played (Black Flag).

Wolfenstein: pretty cool, lots of different weapon options.

Battlefront II: Really digging finally having a single player campaign. Haven’t tried multiplayer but I’m also not that interested. Had the first game and barely played it. I’m about 4 missions deep into this. Would have hated it at full price but I’m okay with what I paid.


I think Defender was first, but R-Type was my favorite.


Can’t argue with that! Actually, was gonna mention R-Type as it was also my fave, but thought Defender was probably older.


I also thought week 2 would have a discount code for Taiwan PSN users but, it didn’t and I bought nothing from week 1 :frowning: