What game are you playing?


Seems Defender and Scramble both came out in Feb. 1981!


Had to Google it, I don’t think I played Scramble before. Actually, I was surprised I remembered Defender!


@hansioux are you still playing?

This took 2 weeks of saving up my diamonds.


I actually started using that app after you guys were talking about it. Not really “playing” per se (I don’t make any buildings which require diamonds), but more as a simple way to keep track of my expenses.


Ha, and I started that game to seriously keep track of my expenses, but now I cheat and just try to make bigger buildings :smile: Here’s my city currently…


I like that it’s simple and doesn’t really require extra time to “play”. Doesn’t take much time to choose category, merge and move the buildings.

Diamonds can be obtained for free by pressing the clipboard on the right corner. Citizens often lose shit and you gotta help find them on the map. Max 2 diamond reward. So, don’t need to actually purchase any diamonds. Once you get to level 6 buildings, you need diamonds to merge.


Well…I do kinda cheat with the building making. If I forget an entry, I do it for “today” to make the building, then edit the date. haha

Yeah, I know about the freebies from the clipboard and the videos. Didn’t know about the buildings after level 6. I only have a restaurant as a level 6 “building”. Though I have a couple of parks (national and lotus), police station, and fire station at level 7.

Edit: Now that I think about it, that level 6 restaurant might actually have cost me some diamonds. Don’t really recall.


Kingdom come is really impressive and one of a kind for an RPGs. Really ambitious in how deep they wanted the rpg feel and historically accurate setting without failing. Some issues though. The game can be difficult for people for are casual rpg or gamers in general. There’s no hand holding and little tutorials. Learning how to play is like learning anything in real life.


Just bought it, Awesome game Very good story line!


Online Briscola, sweet



No idea what I was doing lol


Looks like some decent deals in the Spring Sale at the TW Playstation store.

Thinking about Dishonored: Definitive Edition (80% off at 128 NT) and/or Dishonored 2 (70% off at 369 NT). Anyone with experience/thoughts on these games?

I picked up Fallout 4 during the last sale and have really been enjoying it. All of these are from Bethesda Softworks.


Played the first Dishonored, it was good


Kingdom Come Deliverance- really good game


You still haven’t played FO4?!? I sank days of playing time into it going through 2 play through a with all the quests. Oh I miss the days when I didn’t have a gf and worked on my schedule. Now I’m lucky to get a few hours a week alone with the PlayStation.


I’m still playing. There’s a new dream job system in the game. I still haven’t figured out what it does.


Yeah, a bit late on this one. I never played the other Fallouts either. Friend told me it was on sale for 292 NT, figured I’d give it a shot. So far so good!


Anyone else started Ni No Kuni 2? PS4/PC, launched over the weekend.

I’m about 12 hours in on PC, very pretty game, decent story (except I’m not a big fan of the main protagonist for far), voice acting decent (I have mine set on Japanese) but the narration is not not fully voice acted.

Combat system can get pretty deep, though at the moment I can almost button bash my way through the main story. Side quests can be more challenging if you do something you’re underlevelled to do, my only deaths thus far was from venturing into side quests that have suggested levels a bit higher than my own.

The town building idea is pretty neat, but not a big fan of the skirmish missions (a bit dynasty warrior ish type combat except without the button bashing).


God of War comes out on Friday and is getting insanely good reviews. It’s been years since I’ve bought a game on day 1… but I have a 20% off PSN code and will probably grab it on Friday.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands had a free weekend that’s just ended today. I played it for a couple of hours and it was fun… will buy it when it goes down in price a lot. Feels like the kind of game you really have to invest an insane amount of time into. I barely scratched the surface.


I’ve only got Nintendo consoles righ now (Wii U, 3DS and the Switch)

I’ve recently been playing: LoZ: A Link between Worlds on the 3DS. I’ve also been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2 and for the last 2 days Football Manager Touch 2018 (it got a stealth release).

If the PS5 is not announced at this year’s E3, I will pick up a PS4 Pro in the summer. The game library is just immense.