What game are you playing?


Got a Switch recently. Playing Zelda Breath of the Wild. One of the best games I have ever played. I can’t put it down, it’s that good.

Also have Mario Odyssey, but want to finish Zelda before launching into it.

Anyone else playing Zelda?


Finally got my Nintendo SNES Classic Mini. It looks great on my HD big-screen TV and using an authentic SNES controller is incomparably sweeter than emulating with an Xbox pad or keyboard on my laptop or, even worse, playing on my phone. I can’t wait to get stuck into some Final Fantasy III (i.e. Final Fantasy VI), Super CastleVania IV, etc.

Incidentally, I’m super excited that SEGA finally confirmed that a Mega Drive/Gensis mini is in the works. It’s a good time to be a retro gamer!


I loved Zelda: BOTW. I got it last March and it was basically the only game I played for 3 months. Clocked in over 200 hours. I haven’t done the DLC new story because I can’t afford to get dragged back in to that world!


As much as I want a good Sega Mega Drive Mini… ATgames has a pretty bad reputation for Sega emulation. Here’s a YT video that a decent retro gamer made about the announcement:


Thanks for sharing. That’s a massive disappointment. I thought this was going to be developed in-house. I’ve never used one of these AtGames systems, but I’ve heard that they’re not good. To be fair, though, based on the video you linked, it sounds like AtGames are aware of their own shortcomings and might be trying to fix them. I’ll try to remain optimistic and give them the benefit of the doubt. That tantalising suggestion that the Mega Drive Mini might be able to run original cartridges is also really exciting. I really hope they don’t screw this up…


Anyone interested in Detroit: Become Human?


Spent a few months with a broken joystick so I had limited options 8(

Last weekend I got a new one and went back to play NBA 2k, Stereden and Enter the Gungeon.

Waiting for summer sales to buy Into the Breach and Dead Cells.


Yeah, I hope it’ll be good but I’ll wait for reviews first. If it was in-house I wouldn’t be worried and would pre-order one at the earliest opportunity. Fingers crossed ATgames can sort it out.

Zapman, yeah Detroit looks good from what I’ve seen.

IbisWtf, how’s Enter the Gungeon?


It’s The Binding of Isaac with guns xD

Isaac is a better game, but EtG is fun nonetheless, much more enjoyable than nuclear throne which I never liked much.


Is it the authentic Nintendo one? I have been wanting one but don’t know where to get one. There are many knock-off versions that distort the games through bad ports. Where did you get yours and how much was it?


I’m in the UK at the moment, so I got mine from here. It was £65 (about NT$2,7400) for the authentic Nintendo model, which is cheaper than the RRP. I used to see the Japanese Nintendo Famicom Mini on sale in the Taipei Main Station mall quite often when I would go through there.


Did you play Monster Hunter World ?
That’s a great Games.


I’m waiting for the of version! I love the MH series, on the old ps Vita I played it for an embarrassing amount of hours. Not going to buy a ps4 just for that though.


Does someone play Subnautica? I’m sure whether or not to buy it.


I’m pretty keen on buying it as well, looks pretty funky.


I play subnautica, it is really pretty and there is loads of stuff to do and build.


Would you recommend it?

In other news, I’m looking for EU4 Players for some mp


I like it and so does my brother. He told me about it. Watch someone playing it on youtube and see if you like it.


I like survival games a lot


I think, I’ll give it a try