What game are you playing?


I noticed at Carrefour the other day, Playstation is doing a “Days of Play” sale on hardware here too.

Oh, then let me board the hype train. A futuristic, cyberpunk Witcher 3 sounds awesome.


I’ll definitely be giving Fallout 76 a shot, if anyone wants to group up.


It’s suppose to much bigger and ambitious than the Witcher. Ciri may have dropped a Easter egg on the world of cyber punk in one of the worlds she traveled to in the Witcher


Elder Scrolls VI!!! Yes!!!


I don’t understand what it is? A mmorpg? I wish they stuck to single player rpg.


I thought it was just another Fallout game, but a prequel with a much larger map.


They billed it as a ‘softcore survival’ game. Online only, no perma-death.


What titles do they have in stock?

I might just go there today to check it out.


F76 is solo online only? That’s what I have seen from the memes


Online store has better deals. The only thing that I really noticed was the PS4s themselves were cheaper.

I saw part of the Fallout 76 presentation and they said that characters you meet will be real players, the game is entirely online… but you can do the whole thing solo too. I personally don’t like this trend of games being only online or solely multiplayer experiences. Doesn’t do much for me.

I started Fallout 4 last night. They put it on the XBOX Game Pass, so I’m giving it a go. It’s cute but I don’t get why people are really into these games. Perhaps I just need to get into to the world/experience a bit more.


It is a cult following. Bethesda listens to their customers, allows modding and releases good games that are finished.

I have a friend who has completed fallout 3 4x and fallout new vegas 5x. He loves it.

Bethesda also made Prey, cool game to play if you haven’t.


I barely get a chance to finish a game once. Damn it.

I saw it get praise but haven’t tried it. Couldn’t even say what it’s about.

I have a pretty decent backlog of games right now. So much so that the recent sales haven’t tempted me at all. Yesterday, Xbox released Fallout 4, The Division, and Elder Scrolls Online to the Game Pass - none of which I’m ever going to get time to finish. And I’m never going to finish Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 at this rate either.

Did everybody see the Skyrim Very Special Edition video? It’s pretty good.


Online only, you can play it solo, but you can team up also. Dedicated servers.

Other players may or may not be hostile towards you, but definitely would be conflict. Seem you can launch nukes against other human settlements lol.

Long watch for those interested:


If there’s anything I’ve learned from GTA Online it’s that people are inherently evil and will kill you for shits and giggles if they can get away with it.


I am in the same boat, loads of games and no time.

I try play for 2 hours everyday after work, then go gym cook shower etc and usually then I will watch netflix or read a book but sometimes game again.

Weekends though :smirk::smirk::smirk: lots of time to game.


I’m definitely keen on Starfield though, described as a “next gen single player experience”. I take it as that it will be out on next gen consoles.

Same boat as you guys, not enough time. I had the feeling that F76, since not perma-death, is more friendly to the time conscious. You can take your base/items across servers to meet your friends, or join a public server etc.


Rust is shit in that people can just raid your base if you log off, but they reset the servers every 2 weeks.

I was pretty keen for Raft, the idea seemed cool but it’s actually shit with not enough content. Just like Frostpunk… MORE content dammit!


Yah not sure how that shit works in F76, whether you come online one day and your shit is nuked. But still, I’m not really one of those guys who must get 100 hours out of a game to think its worthy of my money, and I loved all Fallouts previously just for the settings and atmosphere, so I’ll definitely give it a shot from launch.


I hope Starfield will be a Bethesda-style open world rpg game in space. If they could come up with a decent combat system both on land and in space, combined with their common open world quest system (open universe in this case?) it would be amazing.

Also looking forward the new TES of course. Just a couple of weeks ago I restarted Skyrim for the Nth time because I was missing the Dark Brotherhood, and now they confirm TES6…coincidence?


Yup yup yup. To be a bigger and more open version of the old Mass Effect would be fine with me (let’s not mention Andromeda).

I much prefer sci-fi than medieval fantasy type settings, hence I never super loved TES (even though I did play most of them).