What game are you playing?


I’d lean 66% medieval fantasy / 33% sci-fi, I can definitely enjoy both. Unfortunately the open world rpg style that I like hasn’t been seen a lot in sci-fi games. Elite Dangerous isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, so I’ll wait to see what Bethesda can come up with.
I have my new Skyrim run to keep me company for a while, then when they go on sale I’ll pick up the new Pillars and Tyranny. I was reading Steam summer sale should start around the 21st of June.


I wouldn’t mind it being a bit more linear also though, I definitely get lost in TES and just end up spending a few hours trying to steal everything. Fun, but not fun all at the same time.


Getting lost, falling off a small cliff inside a giants’ camp and getting insta-blown to pieces while chased by a mammoth…ahhh, the memories…

For me the main quest of Skyrim is just a “filler”, I much prefer the side activities because they allow me to actually roleplay my character the way I want rather than being just the dragonborn. It’s the reason why I’ve never been into the Witcher saga or any of the new open world-style games with a fixed character.


Okay, they’re joking with Destiny 2 Forsaken, aren’t they?

$39.99 for Destiny 2 Forsaken
$69.99 for Destiny 2 Forsaken and the “Annual Pass”
$79.99 for Destiny 2 Forsaken Deluxe (as above but seemingly with an ornament, emblem, shell)

This really is ridiculous for what amounts to another expansion. I don’t even know what the annual pass is (bonus rewards and “three premium content releases”?). The original game has been an insane disappointment so far and they’re just milking every cent they can get for it.

No doubt if I don’t buy this crap, it’ll render my copy of Destiny 2 completely worthless by locking me out of content I’ve already paid for…

The trailer looks interesting, but no. No way.


I’m waiting for Division 2 with regards to loot shooters.

And yes I was there when Division 1 was first released.


Talking about loot shooters…new borderlands when ?_?


Yeah surprised nothing from E3. Sad.


We need you to safe the world from an big fuc*ing dragon
Yeah hold on, I need to make the thieves guild great again

Same here i didn’t finish the Main quest until last year or so. I played all dlc and sidequests plus a metric shit ton of mods.


Black Ops III is free for Playstation Plus subscribers.


shit franchise but I got it for zombies lol


For honor is also free


Showing up as $19.79 for me :frowning: Where was that announced?

I tend to only play the campaign on Call of Duty games, and I enjoyed Black Ops 1. Interested in Black Ops III. I only ever played the original Black Ops and Ghosts, both of which were okay as single player games. Not really interested in any online stuff. That’s why IIII isn’t for me.


I guess the single player could be worth it.

Go to PSN free games I think it is there.


Hm, not for me. What region is your PS Plus? I use my US account.


Mine is Taiwan


My friends on their South African PSN got it for free. PSN Europe posted it on their twitter…

Maybe Muricans don’t qualify for this great gift. :smirk:


I played a free weekend of For Honor once and didn’t love it. But now I know it’s free, I want it bad and am outraged - OUTRAGED - that Sony are so prejudice against American Playstation accounts.


Okay, it is free on PC if you have a Ubisoft account (which is also free). I don’t have a gaming PC at the moment anyway but I still added it to my library anyway.


No way to pre-order Fallout 76 from Taiwan from what I can see, so no beta for me :(.


What if you don’t like the beta lol but then you have pre-ordered it

Overcooked is on special on Steam, cool game to play with friends/GF/BF