What game are you playing?


I don’t mind, I play anything with a group of gaming mates and we have fun regardless :).


The Taiwan store sometimes gets the betas for free, without having to pre-order anything.


I have US and Taiwan PSN to take advantage of it. Although I usually stick to US


Ditto. But sometimes the have the same games for the monthly freebies.


Steam Summer Sale is on, goys.


I was really hoping for Kingdom Come Deliverance to be at 50%, but it looks like I’ll have to wait…

I got Dead Cells and Into the Breach, then I redeemed myself by buying Fallout 4 Goty edition. I played and finished it in…uhm…“demo” version because Bethesda games on launch can be very buggy. Since there’s not much of interest for me on sale right now I bought the game and dcl, so I’ll fool around a bit more when I have some spare time.
My next PC purchase will probably be the new Monster Hunter.


I love RPGs but I just didn’t love the story tbh. It’s super realistic and I think I didn’t enjoy it. I think I couldn’t fully invest all my time into it, it’s one of those games you really have to let yourself get immersed into to enjoy.


I bought Ghost Recon Wildlands from a sale a week or two ago and gave it a good go, looks so pretty (some minor performance issues still though) and very open world-y.

The combat is great for sniper fans like me, but the game definitely steers you towards the snipe/stealth route a bit too much (though gun ho approach is still workable, just not rewarded the same).

Super fun co-op game as well and is probably the best way to enjoy it if you can grab a few mates to pop in. Co-op progression saves to your single player campaign.


I played the Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend a while back and it was pretty cool. Definitely on my list. Seems like there’s a lot to do in the world.

I haven’t played much of anything lately. Put Gears of War 4 on for a bit over the weekend. I don’t know why people love those games. It’s run, shoot, run, shoot. There doesn’t feel like there’s all that much to it. The graphics aren’t that great, even with 4K enhancement. Bit ‘meh’ really.

I’m holding out for Spider-Man on PS4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 (will probably get that on the XBOX just for the enhanced visuals).


Not a game per say, but mesmerising.


Just a reminder: next month there will be the PC release of Monster Hunter. I don’t usually buy on day1 because on GOG, Steam etc there are so many sales, but Monster Hunter will get my shekels.
According to the system requirements, my desktop barely qualifies to play it on minimum settings while my new laptop is somewhere between recommended and minimum, so I should get good performance at 1080p lowering some details.


Are you interested in co-op? I was gonna skip it as my mates are all playing on the PS4, but if I can get someone to do some co-op it would be pretty cool.


On Steam? Sure! But I may have very limited time in August and September due to some volleyball tournaments 8( I plan to use my small play time in Aug/Sep to get used to this version of MH, then from october I’ll have more time for co-op.
I haven’t played MH since its last version on PSP, so i’ll have a lot to learn.


I think you can pop in and out of games pretty easily on the Steam version, they had some issues with the consoles apparently. I need something to bash my head against until Division 2 comes out next year.

Oh, but Fallout 76 is coming out as well… hmm…

Edit: Oh that’s in November, it’ll work out if I didnt enjoy MH.


Monster Hunter looks pretty cool but I’m waiting for a good deal on it. I didn’t get very far in the Freedom Unite game.

I did recently pre-order Spider-Man on PS4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox. I have high expectations for both so I’m sure they’re going to disappoint me somehow.


PC? Join us :>


I do have a Steam account but don’t really like PC gaming. I think I only ever really played point-and-click mouse types of games.

I broke out LEGO The Avengers a bit over the last couple of days. The LEGO games are pretty dumb but you can pick them up for 10 minutes at a time and do something interesting.


You could always hook a controller up to it and it’s just like console gaming. I currently don’t have a computer powerful enough for gaming, so I just stick to the PS4.


Anyone here follow Starcraft 2?
The Taiwanese player ‘Has’ just crushed it at the last big tournament, came second in the (non-Korean) world.
I’ve been playing it a bit again this year, just finished off the campaigns and playing some co-op.


Pretty neat bundle!