What game are you playing?


Let me think what I did last night…

  • Played a mission where I got super drunk with someone named Lenny. It was weird.
  • Played 5 finger fillet with Lenny.
  • Helped an old love interest find her brother.
  • Some guy sold me a map. He wanted $10 and I said no, then he said $5 so I bought it.
  • I had someone pull me off my horse and try to steal it. I’d seen a video yesterday that told me to whistle and the horse will throw the guy off.
  • I played poker and won. I got creamed by a train in this mission though because I wasn’t paying attention.

Whenever I go long distances, I use the cinematic camera now. You don’t need to do anything. The game just takes you to your destination.


No way, I’m a bad ass outlaw. I just took it from it.

I’m surprised on how much story there is. I’m only 50% done according to the game and I’ve put a lot of time so far.


I forgot most of what happened in red dead 1.

Good recap.


Being a prequel, I wonder how much you really need to know.

I’m kind of screwed at the moment. I have a mission in another area and I can’t get to it because I have a $300 bounty on my head. I don’t have $300 so I need to wait until I can pay off the bounty.

No other missions at the moment. No idea how I got such a high bounty.


I don’t understand how the bounty system works. I often have a bounty on me, sometimes it’s not even a money bounty, they just want me dead or alive. And I can just stroll into town with no issues.


May be because you’re in a different region? I think the $300 one I’m talking about is “dead or alive”. When I try to get to the mission they all just start shooting me. But the bounty doesn’t affect me in other areas, just that one county.


If you are referring to the mission with Javier Esquella in the Red Area near Blackwater don’t worry about the bounty.

You have to meet with Javier in the area near the river to the North of Blackwater.

Do not follow a waypoint to the marker for Javier as the route will take you through Blackwater and you will be killed. Just get to the river and cross at one of the crossing points but avoid any contact with the Pinkerton’s or lawmen.

Once you meet with Javier and another gang member everything will unfold, and you can carry on with the mission without any worries on the bounty.


Life saver. I’ll try that tonight.


I appreciate how good the game is the more I play. I’m almost just 60% done and there’s still so much.


Go get a gold bar


There is one that I know about that I haven’t grabbed yet. Not 100% sure where to go, but I’ll look it up.

I did eventually do the mission like ptraffy said. Hugged the shoreline and made my way to them. I encountered some guys on the way back but I got out over the railway tracks alright. It seems if you avoid the roads the bounty hunters won’t be on top of you.

I also encountered a wolf.


Last night I did the mission where you have to steal an oil tank. Holy crap was that a chore.

The first time, I had my game on cinematic mode and my character just rode straight through the guards. Ended up being a bust; I died. So I restarted from check point and tried to find the best way to get this oil tank out of there. It was so well guarded… I tried stealing it over and over but they kept blowing it (and me) up. I kept thinking there was a trick to it but I couldn’t see what it could be.

Turns out, there’s no trick. You just have to haul ass and killed whoever chases after you.


I tried sneaking up to it from the back side where the oil tank was parked. Hiding behind the fence, the guards still saw me and started a shootout. This spooked the horses and they ran off with the oil tank a ways down the road, so I just hopped on my horse and ran down to where it stopped. No problem! hahaha. I think I just lucked out.


What I did was shoot some of them and lead them to the back fence and hop over the fence right behind the oil tanker and hop on and haul ass while they’re all at the back fence trying to run back around.


I mostly tried jumping over the fence and nicking it, but that ended in my death. Usually because the tanker kept blowing up. I thought of a head-on approach and found myself killing characters who weren’t attacking me, which affects my honor.

I ended up just bolting, then stopping just down the road and killing a few people who were chasing me. Part of it was luck.

I’m going to keep progressing this slowly, I guess. I want to keep doing chores to enhance dead eye and also do some hunting. I have a bounty I can do too.


There’s quite a bit to do. Usually games kind of become boring and I’m rushing to finish it after half way through. But the story gets better and better.


I did this gold bar exploit this morning. Netted $15,000. It’s not in the spirit of the game, I guess, but after that fiasco with the bounty I really don’t care. I’d rather be able to pay off a bounty if it comes up than play by the rules.


I’ve found not much need for cash in this game. Not really much you can spend it on once you get far enough and have more than 1k on you.


Thinking about playing nba 2k. Watching nba games make me want to play. But those micro transactions basically make the game a $100+ Game.


I hate those micro transaction sports games. When “season passes” became a thing, I was already pissed off. “Full Game” lost all meaning. Now with the micro transactions, they lost me. GTA Online has them but I’ll never pay any real money for in-game dollars.

I did some exploring in Read Dead yesterday. My favorite interaction was where a guy shoots some guy’s wife and runs off. I shot the shooter and tried to interact with the husband who was crying over his wife’s body. I can’t remember what he said, but it was along the lines of, “Wow, that sucks, dude.”