What game are you playing?

yeah, amazing so see those youtubers spending money like crazy on this game. So far I have only spent USD15 in this game, just for sake of buying a rare player pack, unfortunately I didn’t gain any special card from it.

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ive already invested hundreds of future hours into this game and it’s not out until January

Fallout 76 is free till Wednesday on Steam. And only 400NT for a day after that.

Apart from Halo: MCC, Halo Wars, etc. are there any good Xbox game pass games worth playing?

Art of War Legions is a ridiculously mindless cell phone game, but I am hopelessly addicted.

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I want to go buy the new Ratchet and Clank but my APRC number is odd so I don’t think I can go buy it today in New Taipei City :confused:

Gears 5?

Sorry I’m on pc and got it dirt cheap in a steam sale, not sure if it’s in the Xbox pass you have or only in some higher tier pass version. But it’s good, mindless fun - especially couch coop with the SO

Gears 5 is in the xbox game pass. Xbox game pass doesn’t have tiers, just ones for PC, both PC and console, and console only. They all give access to the same games just on different platforms.

EA play is different in that they are tiered, older games on play and new games on play pro. Playing Titanfall 2 now and it seems ok. I don’t like multiplayer, prefer games with a story. Battlefield series are rather disappointing in that area… seems more of a massive multiplayer thing than singleplayer. Even their singleplayer is simply multiplayer stuff but with bots rather than players.

Edit: So Titanfall story is good. Feels like an interstellar version of Call of Duty mixed with Lost Planet series… The Titans kinda remind me of the VS from Lost Planet series (except the mech suits have AI’s that the pilot bonds to like a dog or something). I never played Titanfall 1 because it’s completely multiplayer. I’m not into multiplayer stuff… gets expensive very fast. Actually one level in Titanfall 2 reminds me of Portal 2… you know the facility that produces stuff mindlessly… but where’s the cake?

have a gaming laptop now so I’m playing remnant and warhammer vermintide 2. but tbh im probably just going to buy dark souls 3 again and check it out on graphixxxx

The PS5 has absolute garbage for software…it’s such a pain in the ass to do absolutely anything. The Xbox SX was the exact opposite. Start it up and everything works. All old saves automatically work, all games immediately accessible, all games upgraded to the best version. I have both consoles and am not a fanboy, but if you’re not a huge fan of the PS5 exclusives (which are currently very thin, but still miles better than Xbox), there is no reason to get one.

I think you can get the game for almost nothing now (it’s been given away free a few times), and there is no reason to spend any money on multiplayer…I didn’t even know it was possible to spend money on the multi-player until you made this statement.

All the Dragon Age Games, all the Mass Effect Games, all the Star Wars games, all the EA sports games, the Unravel games, Skyrim, Hollow Knight, Celeste, all the Doom games, all the Wolfenstein games, SSX, Burnout Revenge, all the Forza games, Ori, Red Dead Online…and that was just what I saw on the first page.

I kinda have a question though… why is waste treatment facility in Titanfall 2 translated as tomb sweeping day??

What do you call reverse engrish?

Free on Epic Games!


Free for next 2 days!


Kingdom Come Deliverance

I heard it was good. I heard wrong.

The combat is absolute tripe. Clunky. Confusing. Barely responsive mess.

And it’s littered with glitches. I’m about 2 hours in, and had to reload twice because the game glitched–one where I got locked in a kitchen, one where an enemy couldn’t be punched.

Also riding the horse sucks. I try to glance around to see where the enemies are, and the horse ends up walking up a rock and getting stuck.