What game are you playing?

Does anyone know how to check Xbox series X stock in Taiwan? Trying to get one

I just went to some video game stores and put my name on their lists. Within a month I had 3 offers to buy one.

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Pretty into Apex recently lol

I just downloaded the game again after a long time, I had no idea what I was doing lol. Maybe I can send you my username later and we can play.

Just so you know, Halo Infinite is coming out December, and is available on the xbox game pass. In fact I was able to pre-download them (but not play them).

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Recently finished Nier: Automata on Xbox Game Pass and liked it so much that I decided to go way back to the beginning and try Drakengard on the PS2 which, to my understanding, is set thousands of years earlier on the same world (medieval fantasy instead of Sci-Fi). Weird clunky controls and a horrible camera system, but otherwise seems to be a great game, sort of a mix between Dynasty Warriors and Panzer Dragoon where you can either tear up cities on the back of a dragon or jump off and battle armies on your own. Would have seriously loved it if I’d played it when it originally came out. Still yet to find any connections to Nier though, aside from some minor cosmetic similarities.

I just started playing nier automata…

I think every game publishers should just offer game passes, this would really stop piracy.

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Because I’m a fool, I bought both a PS5 and Xbox Series S. I thought the Series S would be the console gathering dust, but because of Game Pass I play it most days and never touch the PS5. Never thought I’d give up buying physical video games without a fight, but Game Pass is just such a good deal. The only problem (and this extends to the PS5 too) is that I’m mostly playing last-generation games I didn’t play the first time round like Nier Automata.

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Well what if you have PS exclusive titles? There are still lots of those. Like Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West…

Yeah, but those games cost up to £70 a pop. Streaming with Game Pass costs around £10 a month and includes all Xbox exclusives on release. Much to my surprise, the PS5 has become my console B for the odd exclusive. For example, I plan to turn it on again for the first time in months later this month to upgrade to Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut.

I also really enjoyed Nier: Automata - in particular the soundtrack and how the gameplay kind of mixed all sorts of play styles.

I’ve been playing some MS Flight Simulator recently - it’s not really a game, but super chill and kind of mind blowing how you can just fly anywhere. Here’s the Gugong:


I have to admit that I gave up after a few hours because of the steep learning curve, but it’s an amazing technical accomplishment.

Actually I gave up on MS Flight sim because it bored the crap out of me, especially flying large jets. I guess this is why most pilots are all angry and stuff because they realize they’re basically a glorified bus driver.

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Oh, that’s a game? I saw it as cosplay and porn many times, had no idea one can play that :rofl:

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Who knows, maybe there’s an adult version where the controller never stops vibrating…

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For everyone else who played Nier Automata for the first time, when you beat the game, continue!! As in load the same save file, the game ain’t finished!

Seems the second and third playthrough is different content or something, not replaying the game over and over again and doing something slightly different for a different ending. It’s a completely different level.

Only thing that sucks about this game is, there is NO autosave (they tell you this). That means a crash sucks big time especially when there are levels that have NO save points.

Oh and one more thing, there is a single hacking minigame in the first playthrough, and they really do not tell you the controls. But you must hit RB to blast the dark blocks or something. Only on the second playthrough do they give you the controls for hacking. I got stuck for 15 minutes because of that. I never played too much sidequests on the first playthrough though… no idea if that affects anything. I hate fetch quests…

Finally, that robot that shoots the reddish purplish blob looks like a Mexican Sombrero… no idea if it’s intentional.


I read about the multiple playthroughs before starting. The friend who recommended the game to me told me it was brilliant but short. He had no idea that he’d actually only beat one third of the game. I wonder how many other people made this mistake? Very odd design decision to hide most of the game this way, but it must have been extremely cool for people to have discovered it on their own.

Well there were a bunch of plot elements that the first playthrough didn’t explain, not to mention boxes that 2B can’t open for whatever reason… I had to google it to find out you had to play it 3 times…

Playing Subnautica: Below Zero. I enjoyed the first Subnautica a lot. The sequel - which really should have been more like downloadable content - is OK, but I don’t think it’s as good. A few mechanics are improved, but other environments (so much time on land, rather than just in the water) make things worse than the original.

A more minor issue came when I randomly did something last night and finished off a big story thread that I’d barely even started yet: I stumbled into finishing Step 10 when I was only on Step 2 otherwise. One of the dangers with openish-world storytelling I suppose.