What game are you playing?


Too many cut scenes or too few cut scenes? Feels like or doesn’t feel like just rail shooting? Before I buy, I’d like to know.


I wouldn’t say too many or too few. The game is mostly going to be multiplayer but they didn’t skimp out on the chance to make a good campaign. I would like it too have more cut scenes because they are so good. You start out on the beaches of Normandy and make your way into Germany. I’m in Germany right now looking at concentration camps.


COD WWII vs. Wolfenstein 2 for single player campaign only. Which is better to fork over hard earned money for?


For only single player? Wolfenstein. Pick up COD in the bargain bin later if you’re only interested in the campaign. Cod is only about 6 hours in the campaign. I already hate the multiplayer. The sniping is ridiculous. And the maps are super small this time around. But one cool thing is the war game, one team charges the beaches the Normandy the other defend it. But Im only level 3 and I haven’t played much FPS to be competitive without some upgrades.


Destiny 2 is pretty good. I play on euro server.
Have fun with it :slight_smile:


So micro transactions have been plaguing games more and more. EA’s Star wars battlefront 2 got a lot go backlash from the gaming community as it’s estimated it takes over 4,500 hours of gameplay or 2,100USD to unlock all the content in the game. They temporary suspended the micro transaction as of now.

Anyone playing assassins creed?


I don’t like microtransactions and it sounds like the Battlefront 2 model was to make the game almost impossible to unlock everything without paying a little extra. At least at the rate I play a game like that. When the game is free, I don’t care - I can grind for it, whatever. But when you fork out full price for a game, it plain sucks.

Thankfully, I learned my lesson from Battlefront 1. It was lame, no story mode and unsatisfying game play overall. I bought it it on release date and I regretted it more than any other purchase. Never again.

As to what I’m playing now: I bought Destiny 2 on the PSN Pre-Black Friday sale this past weekend. Still too early to say much, but it’s basically like Destiny with a few minor refinements.


Try Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord when it comes it…I played the first one,amazing fun game.


Not to hijack the thread, but what’s everyone’s favorite iCafe? I’d love to play some PUBG and GTA V, but I’d also want to get out of my apartment for a bit too since I work from home.


Which servers do you play on with PUBG?

AS seems to be full of hackers

SEA doesn’t have FPP

JP/KR doesn’t ever seem to have enough players and you have to que for a long time

US or EU lags.


Big gaming titles are all the rage these days in this thread, but I’ve been playing this very useful app called Fortune City.

It’s a Tiny Tower (if anyone remembers that game…) like city building game, except you gain new building by tracking your expenses. It’s basically a spending tracker app that’s fun.

Each type of spending will give you a different type of building, and you can send your citizens to work at their desired jobs to gain in-game currency.

I first learned about this game from a Japanese youtube video, and assume the game was made by Japanese. However, I later found out it’s actually made by a Taiwanese game company called Fourdesires, based in Taipei.

It’s refreshing to see a Taiwanese app so well made and useful at the same time.


Belgium rules that loot boxes are gambling


A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens when it was going for cheap on the PSN. I’ve enjoyed the LEGO games since the original Star Wars one. I have LEGO Star Wars (complete), Lord of the Rings, Batman 2, Batman 3, Marvel Heroes, Avengers and Harry Potter. They’re always fun, but some more so than others.

This Force Awakens game, though, I love it. And the great thing about these games is they’re incredibly kid friendly. The bad thing is they can be a grind if you want to get 100%.


I downloaded this and it is very very well made. The UI is very friendly and warm.

Only bad thing is I spend money maybe 3x a day and it’s always coffee/lunch/parking. So, the game makes me want to spend money for no reason just so I can extra buildings and more citizens. I’m wondering what I get when I input income…

Luckily, the phone can handle the game pretty well, so I think I’ll try to stick to it.


Pretty much the same here.

Of course you can go out of your way to create expenses, but I guess patience is the key to this game. There will be times when I would need to get gas or take a train to get my bus stations, or buy new USB cables to replace the ones chewed up by my cats to get that fancy computer store.

As for income, last week my co-worker and I went out to lunch, and he forgot to bring his wallet. When he paid me back, I logged that as income, so now I got a bank building.


Ooooh, didn’t think about doing income that way. Awesome.


Signed up, pretty cute.


my first sushi shop… took a week to get it.


Besides the game-part, is the tracking of expenses and income displayed in a meaningful way? Do you use it to actually do budget-type work on spending?


You can, there’s a function that shows you stats and also a pie graph, so you know where most of your money is going. You have to do budgeting yourself, but for me, it’s easy to read and know where my money is going this week/month. This just easily tells me, I spend my money in this category and save here.

I linked mine to my Google account so it does “smart” stuff where if I pick “beverage” and input 60NT, it automatically chooses coffee as the description.

Another way I found to “cheat” is when and if you get a itemized receipt, like I did at Carrefour last night, I input the items individually. Buildings galore!