What Gives You the Warm Fuzzies

-A good tune

-A warm smile

-That dog of mine washing a 10 days old kitten with its tongue

-A nice compliment

I wish these moments happened more often. That’s what living should be all about.

Bobepine gives me the warm and fuzzies

My belly button?

[quote=“R. Daneel Olivaw”]My belly button?[/quote]The question mark leads me to think you’re asking a question. Far too cryptic for a possibly autistic frenchie, mate. Sorry I can’t help you. :wink: Enjoying all of your posts BTW.


I read that as “a nice compliment.” Way to end the day! :slight_smile:

-reconnecting with an old friend

-a good nap

-hot coffee on Monday morning

-nice drive in the countryside

-a good find/bargain at a yardsale

-little bird bathing in a stream

-cat sitting on my chest and purring

-and lot’s more stuff


I don’t know about warm fuzzies, but I love my hot Fuzzy! :lovestruck: :howyoudoin: :heart: :hubba:

-coming home from an easy day at work, to a nice clean house, sitting on my sunny deck, having a nice coke in a glass with ice. Hanging out with some friends.
Motorbike running well, body working well, sleeping well, eating well. Finding stuff I’ve been looking for forever. finding a good deal and having the cash to pay for it. My bills all paid. sober.
Having my head removed from my ass and appreciating all the little things that life has to offer makes me feel good. Dealing with the shit that comes my way calmly makes me feel good.
My Chinese getting better gives me warm fuzzies…

hearing joann laugh

seeing joann smile

getting messages from joann

getting the little kissy face emoticon from joann

oh, joann…

fuzzy,mmm, warm and snuggly inside

I shaved my pubic hair off this morning, so now I have a handful of rapidly cooling warm fuzzies but I don’t know who to give them to.

-learning a new skill like how to kiteboard
-a smile with that twinkle in the eye from a hottie when u walk down the street
-seeing Australia get past the group stage


The highest bidder? :idunno:

An entomologist? :wink:


I’ve been lucky to have been surrounded by good women most of my life but today was one of those rare occassions where out of the blue, a lady went out of her way to show her appreciation for me. Totally unexpected gift. Makes me feel great.

i like bob pine

[quote=“Pablo”]I like bob pine[/quote]First post to say that? My good god. What can I say. I’m truly flattered and a big welcome to Forumosa Pablo.

That could be really good, or really bad.

[quote=“R. Daneel Olivaw”]That could be really good, or really bad.[/quote]You are right. I’d prefer to think it’s good. Wouldn’t you? Too much negativity out there, I’d rather keep it positive.

Pissing in my velvet underpants!

Well, this is a “warm, fuzzy” thread. So best to stick with good. Now were this the “cold, prickly” thread I’d swing my vote the other way. :wink: