What good TV series does Blockbuster stock?

I’ve seen the first season of Sopranos, but the second season isn’t available in Taichung BBs. The BBs down here insist they don’t have it and can’t get it sent from other stores because they don’t have it either.

As I am a doubting kind of person can anyone tell me what you have in stock in the way of good quality miniseries (with season) up in Taipei BBs?

Cheers. :sunglasses:

The Taipei ones don’t have it either because it hasn’t been released. Maybe not enough people bought the first one because either it’s not well known or popular here, or everyone downloaded it.

Mmmm. Ok then, what other TV series can other people recommend that are available in BB?
I need some good viewing.

Spack, I know that BB has the first season of Keifer Sutherland’s 24. It’s pretty decent. It kept me an insomniac for a week. Be careful though it’s addictive.


24 - oh yes. I’ve seen that already. Great stuff. Thanks to Sandman for bringing that one to my attention.

How about things like West Wing, Scrubs (?is that it’s name?), The Office…others…?

My wife is currently working her way through the Friends series. I need an antidote.

I saw that BB was selling the first season of West Wing. I didn’t see if they were renting it though. This is the BB on Taichung Road by the train station. I saw it on TV and I really enjoyed it.