What happened to all the morning work?

Hey I’m just curious, does anyone know what the deal is with morning work? There are postings all over the place for bushibans… but almost nothing for kindi. A friend speculated it had to do with all the “crack downs” and raids the police have been doing but I really don’t know. IF anyone one knows please enlighten :sunglasses: Thanks

Lower teacher turnover. Teachers for the most part are staying longer so jobs aren’t being put back into circulation as quickly as before. I haven’t had to look for a replacement teacher for a long time.

Parents are keeping their kids out of Kindys until they are of “Da Ban” age.

Lots of competition. I also see this affecting night classes.

At least that is what I am seeing in Kaohsiung.

Morning jobs on their own were/are always the hardest to find. Most advertise in August for their positions too - remember the school semester is already 12 weeks in so I wouldn’t expect a whole lot to be available at this time of the year anyway.