What happened to Alley Cats Pizza?


I agree with Lostinasia. Back in the day (long, long ago) it was greasy, fried-crust PizzaSlut, local knock-offs with corn on top, or Alleycat, which had nice toppings, and beer IIRC. The crust was never great, and it was always pricey, especially given that the very thin pies were not at all filling, but it was nice to have an alternative. And there have never been many decent options in Donghu. As LIA says, it was “Not a fantastic version of the cuisine, but I live in Taiwan, and beggars can’t be choosers.” Homemade’s always better, of course. I like to put pureed basil and Italian herbs in a 50% wholewheat sourdough crust, medium thick, baked on a hot cast iron oven floor. Nice.


My thoughts exactly

Luckily, I work around that area, and I can say Pizza Guild is great pizza. It would even do well in the States. Fresh ingredients, great bread, and legit sauce. Scratches my pizza itch really well, which I haven’t been able to scratch for a long time.


Connections to the fureign community and their live music. And lack of better. And more foreigners that could pay and wanted to pay for the ambiance on Friday and Saturday nights, but most of them are gone.


It was good for the time and it went well with the beer



Any idea why the perceived quality of each location seemed to vary? And did the quality, in fact, vary?


I’ve never tried this cat pizza place, but as others mentioned there’s a fair amount of good pizza restaurants now (Solo, Zoca, Perse’), so if the cat one was just so-so people are bound to move away from it.


I haven’t been craving for pizza for a while, but I suspect I’ll be very soon. I was happy with Zocca (although it’s been a while since last time I went there and I don’t remember much about the food itself), but I don’t think I’ve tried the others mentioned here. Which one should I try first?


My ranking is Solo > Zoca >>> Perse’.

Solo and Zoca are very different though, Solo pizza is much smaller and has a different crust.
Perse’ is similar to Zoca, not as good but still a decent option (and 5 minutes from a metro stop).


This is what I figured, I just had bad luck to try (twice) an outlet that made it like a biscuit. There must have been a decent Alley Cats somewhere, because people were giving it good reviews.

This is a weird phenomena, being stingy as possible, had one guy in a subway (Taoyuan airport) quite literally struggling with if he could get away with 3 slices of olive or 4 slices of olive on a 6 inch, went back and forth 3 or 4 times before settling on 3 slices.


Solo? is that complete?


Solo Pizza, the owner is a japanese guy who studied in pizzaland how to make pizza. His pizza is fantastic and he has won many international awards.


Will try it, I guess. Budget?


If you don’t take care of the quality of your franchises than the only reason for doing a franchise is cashing in on the name.


I think the base one was under 200, but if you want more varieties of cheese, meat etc the price goes up. I don’t remember ever spending more than 350nt there, BUT…if you’re very hungry, a single pizza may not be enough. They have some snacks.
For me it’s a “lunch pizza”, when i don’t want to feel too full and sleepy in the afternoon.


Sababa is real crap. Toasterias used to be pretty good but the last few times I ate there it seems as though they’re heading in the same direction.


$207 for a Margarita pizza and a coke. The best pizza I’ve had in years. The atmosphere is ok. The owner is really in to 90s Euro trash music. I guess living in Italy for years made him like it.


This is a business model that is quite popular today.


Margarita won’t be enough, I need some meat on it, but it sounds like I have to try that place this week.


What music is that? Please clarify?