What happened to bob?

I love that guy. He’s even funnier than Buttercup.

Suspended? :noway:

Probably. He went mental on a TC thread a couple of nights ago. A pity. Really nasty and unnecessary. He usually seems like a mellow spaced-out guy. Perhaps he had run out of weed.

Oh, I thought Fred killed him.

Jack Burton has also been sent to stand in the corner.

But nobody likes him, except possibly my ex-girlfriend. Are they making him wear one of those dunce’s caps too?

I hope bob’s OK. A few days in the cooler might help him see the error in hs ways, but he might go cold turkey. Someone should send him an email or something.

(Jack, only joking. I like you, even though you’re too tall.)

I’m sure getting suspended would cure me of my forumosa addiction. A few weeks things of other things would get me off here for good. Who do you have to piss off around here?

“I’m free!”

“I’m free!”[/quote]

Sometimes I have a soft spot for you, buddy.

Metrosexual went too. Seems to have been a busy week.

Is Tom Hill back from the shops yet ?

He’s only posting in temp, apparently. That was what he said.

[quote=“Loretta”]He’s only posting in temp, apparently. That was what he said.[/quote]Ah well, you wouldn’t find me in there.

Why not? I found you in my wardrobe last week. Surely the temp forum is no less unlikely a place? They have woodworm there too, so if you’re serious about checking everywhere like you said then you’d better get cracking.


Just kidding. In the past two weeks I read “Undercover Economist” by Tim Harford, absorbed into the very core of my being " Memories of my Meloncholy Whores" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I’ve listened to 389 Chinesepod telecasts, been swimming thirteen times, lost five pounds, fixed my herniated disc and quit using glasses. Banning is such a very nice and thougtful service. I do not know how one should best express his sentiments with regards to such a profound gesture and so will use a smiley… :notworthy:

Apologies for whatever offense my unfortunate choice of words might have caused, by the way.