What happened to Glossika in the end?

Sorry to drag this up again, but I’ve been away for the best part of a year, so I’m a little behind with recent goings on.

So what happened to the Glossika duo? Were they ever ‘done’ for anything? Did they set up under a different name? Did Ironlady ever finally drive a silver stake through Mr. Campbell’s and Monique’s heart? ( -yeuw- figuratively speaking! :smiling_imp: )

What’s the deal?

Fresh out of silver stakes at the moment (as well as silver steaks, or steaks of any other color, which seem much more appetizing). As of last spot check, the Glossika phone number and fax number in Taipei were out of service. The Web site is still up, with updates from “2003”, but hey, anyone can have a Web site up, has nothing to do with what you actually are or do. I have it on good authority that Tiara-babe has left Taipei – left the Typo Times about a month ago, so I was told – but as to what corner of the world she might be lighting up at this moment, I have no clue.

Life is indeed dull without any security guards to overpower or havoc to wreak, however… :laughing: but I don’t mind that much.

I do believe that without the support of the Forumosa community (then Seg–ue, whatever!) the whole affair would have come out much worse for me, however. Input to this site helped to clear up a lot of details and connect a lot of seemingly unconnected dots, so that I knew whom to investigate and how to go about it. I think when our credit report showed that they were illegally using someone else’s expired tax number, they laid off. “People in glass houses” and all that.

Just enjoying being back to being a real mild-mannered (?) grad student once more (although I won’t complain if I manage to graduate this spring, either!!)