What happened to my night market?!?!?

So, last Friday or Saturday, I forget which, I was walking home and saw that they’d roofed over my usual nightmarket with a tin-shed roof on some bamboo poles. That was a bit of nice, I thought, seeing as how the angels were pissing all over the place that night.

Then last night, I wander out to get a spot of dinner, and . . . the whole nightmarket is gone!!! There’s like three vendors left at one end, and nobody at all under that long metal roof, and one guy at the other end selling garbage.

Is this just an end-of-Ghost-Month shutdown, or a mid-Autumn Festival thingie, or did the nightmarket evaporate permanently? This is the one in between DingXi MRT and YongAn MRT, with one end about a block away from Fu-Ho Road.

didn’t you ask anyone? a lot of taipei city markets have been getting make-overs, is taipei county starting to follow suit? one thing is for sure–markets do not disappear overnight :slight_smile:

Well about 75% of nightmarket stands at my favorite one were mysteriously absent for the last week or so here. I was thinking it had to do with the torrential downpour, though. :idunno: