What happened to the gangster candidate situation?

I read a while back about an expat who had to get stitches after getting hit in the head with a bottle. It seems his wife was with a group of people who insulted a losing candidate who was a gangster. Anybody know what happened? Also, anyone know of any other incidents involving conflicts between expats and gangsters?

No comment ont he first half of your question but the second part of your question is a simple: Yep! Loads of incidents have happened between drunkards or even innocent bystanders. Truth is simple: your a guest here. Be sure you whipe your shoes and say your pai sai’s. Know your roll, Jabroney.

Do ya smeeeeeeeeeelll luh luh luh lalalala laaah…what the Rock…is cookin?

His wife was one of several people who complained about the candidate’s hired scooter monkeys racing around their complex on noisy souped up scooters and spitting binlang juice all over the sidewalk.
None of the complainers were expats – they were all middle-aged local women – and it was about a month before the elections, so he wan’t a losing candidate at the time.

The thread on this subject is here.

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