What happened to them?

Sometime back there was a bloke who punched or pushed a cop outside a police station. something about complaining about the treatment of a Philipine maid. What happened ?

The guy who ran through customs asking for Bian to save him. What happened?

The Canadians who caught with loads of drugs What happened? I know which ones?

All of them.

The bloke walking through the supermarket with no clothes on. What happened?

That teacher having sex with another teacher in the classroom. Where did he go?

The mother who came over to look for her son who died up in the mountains in Hualien Taroko gorge

The free beer that went with the forumosa beer ad. Where is it?

The threads that say Taiwan is great. Where are they?

My son’s spiderman watch. He can’t find it anywhere. Where the bloody hell is it?

My sense of smell. I lost it when I came to Taiwan. I would really like it back. Pleaseeeeeee.


Do you really care?


It says the FINAL hearing was Mar 9th, but there’s no update.
Anyone know what happened?

that was the final hearing to the appeal he was granted after being given a 15 year sentence a few months ago. have no idea what happened.

Last I heard - second-hand whispers - Chris was working in mainland China.

After the things I’ve seen and smelled today, I have to ask you why in the world you would make such an insane request. Seriously, dude. That’s one wish you don’t want to come true.

Barbara Klita went home to Alaska after failing to find any trace of her missing son Fred Frontier. There is no proof that he died. Search Forumosa and Taiwan Ho for more information.