What happens if you don't pay your utility bills?

I’m planning to take an extended trip sometime in the future. I’m wondering what happens when you don’t pay your utility bills (water, electricity, gas) and phone bill for one, maybe two months.

The phone bill, I figure I can just go to the phone company and ask to pay a certain amount in advance and it will be a credit.

The utilities, I’m not sure of since they in the landlord’s name. But if I miss paying them on time, will they charge a penalty or just let me pay it normally before the next bill comes? More worried about it being shut off than paying a fine.

Why don’t you set automatic payment from your bank account?

Otherwise, you pay fines and might be cut off. And you will have to go to each separate agency to pay.

For one or 2 months don’t worry. I used to go away for extended periods frequently. The worse is that you have to go out of your way to a place to pay your bills. Can’t pay overdue bills at 7.

Electricity bills only come out every 2 months in any case. Pay up before you leave.

Are you allowed to set up auto pay to pay someone else’s account (the bills are all in my landlord’s name)?

All of my bills have different names. Can’t remember how I did it, but at Taipei Fubon, which is a royal PIB for everything, I did it, so it shouln’t be such a hassle.