What happens to my pension fund if I die before retirement?

What happens to my pension fund if I die?

Over the last year of getting an extra 6% of my salary paid into the mandatory government pension scheme, I have accumulated a decent amount which I will be able to start getting back when I’m 65 as far as I am aware.

However, what if I die before then?

Do my family get a payout instead?

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Depends on the particulars of the jurisdiction where you hold this fund. But normally you can either specify who should inherit this to the trustee in advance or this will just go to your normal heirs. And who these are again depends on the jurisdiction and on if you have a will/testament or not. But if the trustee does not have any instructions and cannot identify any heirs and your heirs also do not know about the pension fund to identify themselves to this fund, then the money could get lost/go to the government.

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Since death is a when, not an if, I fixed the title for you. :wink:

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