What happens when you leave a university teaching position?

When you have completed the contract and finish teaching in June…do you normally get paid until August or before that? How does it work?

Why don’t you pose this Question to your former employer?

sorry. waiting to hear an answer from them…severe language barrier problems and things here take forever, so I was just trying to get an idea of what happens in that situation.

Your one-year contract should terminate July 31. I don’t know what payday is at your school, so can’t tell you when you receive your July pay.

Thanks! Am pretty clueless as to protocol here…but payday is the first of the month for the coming month, so that makes sense. Cheers!!!

If you are planning to ever consider getting another university or similar level teaching job in Taiwan, MAKE SURE you go through the school’s official leaving-employment song-and-dance (which often features visiting people you’ve never even heard of during your tenure there and getting their signatures to say you’ve never vandalized the pool or stolen things from the chemistry lab). You will need an official statement saying you left in good standing, whatever it’s called where you are, if you apply elsewhere. There is probably an official procedure with a checklist; try to find out earlier rather than later because it can be annoying and lengthy, not to mention ridiculous.

Haha. Ironlady, are you paralleling “a place where a bird wouldn’t shit or die” in your description of your location?

This is a very good point of ironlady’s. Heed it.

it might depend on your contract - if you were hired in july of last year, then you were (likely) starting to get paid at that time, and the pay will stop in july of this year. if you were hired in september, you started getting paid then, and the pay will stop then.

that is of course, if you were hired on a year-long contract …

and this is all a big maybe … :laughing:

Contracts at Unis typically run from Aug 1 to Jul 31, by MoE mandate, as I recall. If you were hired in Sept your contract will be backdated to Aug, in many cases.


Or better yet, your contract WON’T be backdated and then you get screwed out of a year’s tenure because of one month’s time. Been there, had that done to me. Another teacher (Taiwanese) who signed her contract the very same day as I did got the full year, but I didn’t – because she knew to go through the “back door” to have her docs certified at the Taiwanese non-embassy in the States. The University looked at the date all the documents were back in their sweaty little hands, not the date we signed or were hired.

:smiling_imp: :fume: Don’t even get me going on the joys of being the only non-Taiwanese faculty member on a university’s payroll. Well, at least I knew for sure I didn’t have syphilis…nobody else was required to be tested, just me…that was when I got out. Once they draw that kind of distinction, the next thing is “you foreigners don’t qualify for sabbatical” and “you foreigners don’t qualify for pensions” and… :unamused: