What has Trump done for Taiwan so far?

It’s funny how politicians work over there for ten years it was Debt this, Tea Party that, now nobody ever even mentions it yet the debt has exploded!

Yes, quite amusing that things the party once ‘stood for’, magically no longer exist. Almost as if they believe in nothing…well almost nothing.

There’s a reason millionaire NYC, Hillary-donating socialite Trump won the hearts of people who are exactly the opposite of that. One thing they have in common though…

Seyz you. You don’t actually know that.

I actually know with complete certainty with one particular foreign investment, and I’m almost as positive the increased weekly income people are bringing home thanks to the tax cuts wouldn’t have happened under the Democrats.

Shhhh you’re messing with that certain “privilege” :wink:

Who are those tax cuts good for? You’d better re-read a little more closely.

There’s no such thing as free money. The tax cut is being funded by debt. The debt has to be repayed at some point plus the interest.


He took that call.

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To his credit, Trump’s approval rating among African-Americans is like 34%, which is highest for a Republican relative to overall (50%?).

Due to criminal justice reform and funding for historically black colleges and universities…

Bush’s African-American approval rating was about 40%, but his overall was 90% at the time.

I have a hard time believing Bush had 40%. Where did you find that?

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He probably means at the same time in his presidency. Bush approval rates surged after 9-11 and remained high throughout his first term.

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As is well-known, President George W. Bush’s job ratings overall and among blacks increased significantly after 9/11. He averaged a 43% approval rating among blacks in 2001 and a 46% black approval rating in 2002.


Question, where are you getting your stats from?

Because according to Gallup there’s this:

The same stability holds true for Trump’s approval rating among black Americans. Gallup averages show Trump with a 10% approval rating among blacks in 2017, 11% in 2018 and 10% so far in 2019. In short, Trump’s approval rating among blacks has essentially not changed over time, despite blacks presumably having had plenty of time to observe the economic gains that Trump touts as the reason why they should be moving into his camp.


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A conservative org. Certainly would have an agenda.

I don’t speak for all AAs in the US but I can say with a level of confidence that those poll numbers are spun. We aren’t feeling him like that.

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Man you don’t listen. He said people he knows and loves have benefited.

So really it’s this guy who’s the key to the economy. If he knows and loves you, you’re golden. If he perhaps knows you and doesn’t love you, you might have a problem.

God have mercy on your soul if he both doesn’t know or love you. :praying:

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I consistently see skewed numbers from Rasmussen. Not to go down the fake news rabbit hole, but would like to know the reasons why. The below article has some insight in that they use likely voters instead of registered voters - a small subset. Funny how everything keeps going back to voter turnout rather than some demographic shift towards Trump.


You’re all fucked then. :smiling_imp:

Maybe my super power is luck like Domino.

Oh yeah the annual interest payments are going to rocket.

Republicans to be fair are the biggest hypocrites going.

I remember years ago saying that the US should institute tariffs on here . Not one Republican supporter said , hey yeah, that could be a good idea to pressure China. Not one.

Then Trump does it, the debt is a word everybody has curiously developed amnesia about and tariffs are good…You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Read all about it here.


I didn’t say anything about tariffs, because I didn’t know whether we would ever even try such a thing, much less know whether it would be effective. Our trade deficits seemed to be something that ought to concern us, but not too many people seemed to be concerned about that sort of thing, and I’m not an economist–not within light years–so I didn’t have much to say about it. I did express some concern about trade deficits, over 14 years ago, when I had the username xp+10K (please note that the “budget surpluses” and “trade deficits” links no longer seem to link directly to the data that I seem to have been referring to):

This from Tsai’s official Instagram:

That’s Trump in a semi-wifebeater.

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