What have U failed to find? Biggest avg women's clothing?

In the Living in Taiwan thread we’re putting together a list of things for folks coming to Taiwan to bring with them, and one question was whether tampons are widely available; if so, where?

Second, if you have failed to find other things, please go there to contribute to the list. Thanks!

EDIT: Now the main outstanding question is: What is typically the largest size of women’s clothing, shoes and bras that the avg. store in Taiwan carries, and also, are there any big/tall stores for men/women anywhere on the island? Thanks!

Western size bras are apparently available at some markets.

  1. An unpadded bra. (Only jdsmith’s wife knows where to find them :laughing: )
  2. Teething gel and orthopedic sandals for my baby.
  3. Antiperspirants/deodorants are often difficult to find, especially when you’re picky about this stuff.

Tampons are available in regular & mini at Wellcome supermarkets.


Real Sichuan food

Yep, tampons are always at Watsons too…but with an aisle full of different brands of pads, why is there only ONE brand/type of tampon on sale!!!

What are Rennies?

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i have yet to find slim fast! :fume:

Have you ever tried inserting one on a squat toilet? :astonished:

I want Disprin and fudge and Japanese movies with English subtitles and good-quality bodypaint/make-up and Q-tips that don’t fall apart and a waxing place, etc.
But, honestly, there is almost nothing that you can’t find here. So I’ll settle for hair-dye that you can wash out, i.e. with no bleach. The semi-permanent stuff. Haven’t been able to find any. L’Oreal, Revlon, Clairol. I buy some every time I leave the country.


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What’s Disprin?

What’s Disprin?[/quote]

If I’m not mistaken, Disprin is Soluble Aspirin. It was all the medics used to give us in the military :s

Isn’t all aspirin soluble?

So what made you change your mind about that one now? :smiling_imp:

Check out disprin.com/. Friends of mine once tried to get high by mixing it with mayo oil (that you get by microwaving the mayo) and injecting it. Not recommended.

I guess technically yes, but the ones I referred to have effer, ef ,erf…fizzy stuff in them so they HAD to be dissolved otherwise they upset your tum.

So what made you change your mind about that one now? :smiling_imp:

That’s a very good point.

So what made you change your mind about that one now? :smiling_imp:

Well, um, your avatar plus bi-attitude (beatitude? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ), to wit:
Rubicon Bojador:

Its an antacid

Thanks. One outstanding question:

What is the largest size in women’s clothing, shoes, bra’s etc. in the average store around town, (i.e., above what size should you BYO); and are there big & tall stores for men/women anywhere in major cities? Or do big folks just make do with mail order and/or tailoring? (Any more pizza and beer, and I’ll need to know! :astonished: ) Thanks.