What I did over summer vacation

You remember that essay you had to write the first week back from summer. “What I did during/over the summer”. As a kid you filled it with all your adventures you took with the neighborhood kids. The summer road trip or vacation you took with your family. The 4th of July bbq, firework display, and town parade (sorry my Brit and European friends-but I don’t know of your special summer holidays :slight_smile:)

So we don’t write the essay. Just letters to family and friends about what we did with the kids or that one trip we took.

How about reversing it this time? Rather than talking about it after the summer, lets talk about the plans we have for the summer. The goals we would like to reach and the few dreams we refuse to give up on doing.

:smiley: So, let the fun and exploration begin.

Woohoo! We’re flying to Denver where my brother lives, then driving up into the mountains where my whole family will be staying in my bro’s second house – a vacation place surrounded by beautiful forest, that’s great for skiing in the winter and hiking, biking and even sailing in the summer.

Last time we were there, 3 years ago, we went for a few great hikes (I carried our then 5 month old baby in a backpack), and rented a sailboat at a lake that is supposedly the highest navigable lake in the US, or something like that, whatever that means. And we rented a bunch of bikes and rode up a bike path to the Continental Divide, which is the ridge from which all water flows to the Eastern US on one side and to the Western US on the other side. It was about 13,000-14,000 ft altitude, so I was reaaaaally out of breath on the bike, but it was very beautiful. Below shot on that ride.

This trip should be similar. And it’s great too as the whole family will be together there and we’ll celebrate a few birthdays and the fact that my dad just survived a near-death hospital experience. The scenery will be green and the air will be cool and clean. Can’t wait.

I’ll be going through my life in taiwan, throwing things out, selling things, wrapping things up at school and then hopping on a plane to SFO and then on to Canada where I’ll hopefully begin a new life after 6 years in Taipei.

If the permit situation ever gets straightened out, I will be going to Tibet for two months. Part of my trip involves the 3-day kora around Mt Kailash, a visit to Everest Base Camp, and of course endless monasteries and temples. July to mid-August I’ll be back in Taipei writing about Tibet. I am then free for the rest of summer. Plan to do some river tracing and swimming and also get back on track looking for a publisher or agent for my children’s novel.

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Damn, Colorado sure is purdy. Woohoo! Indeed! Have a good one. I’m veeeeery jealous.

Muchaman - Good luck on the Children’s book thing. I hope you enjoy Tibet. It’s awesome, but yeah, the visa thing can be a chore. I want to go back sometime soon.

Bushibanned - Good luck on the new life in Canada.

I don’t have any plans for Summer vacation… :frowning: I was thinking about scouting out Taidong or going to Sun Moon Lake or something, but I’m not all that keen on the crowds. Might just wait until after the schools open up again and have an end of season juant. The baby is only a week old so I’m a bit limited at this point. So maybe something in October when he’s about six months old or so. The rest of you, have a ball! I’ll be wishing I was there. :wink:

Tomorrow the Pixie and I hop on a plane.
Bangkok, bounce, Frankfurt, bounce, Istanbul, Athens, Rome, London, sister’s wedding, Paris. Three weeks! Ahhh…

I hope to visit My Boss again.

Wow,so far, some of you are doing more than a lot of people have done in a life time. :bravo:

Wooo, great topic :slight_smile: Stop posting in the gossip threads and get over here, y’all.

I’m going to Australia to buy a house.

Then later in the summer, I’m going back to Australia to take a tour group from my school for a couple of weeks.

My daughter is going to America. My wife is going to Japan.

Later, I’ll take a holiday in Taidong or perhaps go to China.

Just booked flights to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. For a change, I’m thinking of staying in a lavish beach resort and relaxing all week long.