What i do not understand about TESol/celta etc

hey everyone,

ok i have been doing a lot of research on these tesol/tefl/celta certificates…i was reading a thread here saying…that celta is the only internationally recognized certificate…that is actually recogized by the schools…and the other ones (TESOL/TEFL) are garbage especially the ones that are only a weekend long or a week long…however…i was looking at the celta description and i noticed it’s for teaching english to adults…i want to teach kids though…

as well, i was looking at the requirements at HESS and kidcastle and various other schools and all indicate that TESOL/TEFL certificates are ok…

so …should i be taking the CELTA…if i want to teach kids…?
are tesol/tefl certificates really worthless?
which is the best certificate i should take?
thank you very much for all your help.


  1. In fact, this is one of the my general concerns about TESOL/TEFL certificates. Cambridge ESL apparently offers training teachers of young learners http://www.cambridge-efl.org/teaching/celtyl/index.cfm, but I don’t know anyone who has taken it. Most of what bushiban-based children’s teachers call ‘training’ is textbook orientation offered by publishing companies. Public school teachers I know who have specialized in TESOL/TEFL have completed specialized training offered in faculties of education.

I don’t have one, so I don’t know the real answer to this question. For TEFL teachers in Asia and particularly Taiwan, the financial benefit is negligible.

Depends where you want to teach in the world. CELTA is essential in many countries whereas in others, like Taiwan, you don’t need it. A lot of the principles of teaching adults can be applied to kids, so doing CELTA for adults wouldn’t be a waste of time. For teaching kids in Taiwan, I would save your money - CELTA is expensive and a lot of schools will hire practically anyone.

Incidentally, you could buy yourself a fake CELTA certificate in Thailand; that’s one possibilty! :wink: After all, people might check up on your degree, but your CELTA? Naaah! :laughing:

ok…i think i am going to take a tesol 3 day certificate course than…are they really worthless to schools in Taiwan? thanks again …