What if a Canadian marries a Pilippina?

Let’s say I get married to a Philippine woman… And I want her to come here to live with me in Taiwan… But I am a Canadian citizen? Is there any way she could migrate here? Would it be possible to cut through the red tape by asking a Taiwanese friend to “sponser” her as a maid or something like that? Kind of like cosiging a Fareastone or Taiwan Cellular line?

( I wonder if anyone even knows the answer to this question… )

You can get a JTFRV for her based on her marriage to you, but she will not have any work rights, unlike a JTFRV for married to a local.

But it takes time and trouble to get one … :s can take up to 6 months

I’d contact Wolvesmon or do a search on his ordeal to get one for this same case. It’s not a pretty one.

The red tape is horrendous. You cannot “sponsor” a Philippina.
I am married and it took us 10 months just to get a visitors visa and we “know” people!
Under the table deals are common though when dealing with these arseholes.
Talk to people in The Zone Philippina bars.