What if you test positive?

What if you buy your ticket, book your quarantine package–and the 72 hour test comes back positive? Do you just lose all your money for ticket and quarantine? I

If so, better to get the test before paying and then do everything else in a last 48 hour rush? You would only have lost 6000 NTD if it didn’t work—insyead of thousands of dollars.

Air tickets just buy a 3 month or 1 year ticket and rearrange. Ask them the same question prior to payment and get it in writing.

Hotels dont pay til check in that should be easy.

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I have to assume the airline will have written policies for this exact scenario

Edit: KLM, for example, is offering flexible booking on all tickets, regardless

If you test positive, you get a two week vacation in one of Taiwan’s fabulous quarantine centres!


Do you know if that’s covered by NHI…or does it come with a hefty bill at the end? (Also for the people who’ve been in negative-pressure isolation rooms for months…)

They could remarket them as weight loss spas.


i gained it all back as soon as access to beer was restored

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We should set up the hot springs as quarantine centres.

Or 3 months in a negative pressure ward. :sweat:

Fa BU lous!

You may need to contact NHI to clarify, but when this all kicked off last year they announced that treatment would be free. This is to ensure that anyone with Covid-19, including illegal immigrants not covered under NHI, comes in and gets treatment instead of hiding in the shadows and spreading it around.

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Some airlines have flexible booking/no change fee policies due to COVID. In the past I’ve also found that as horrid as they can be generally, if you really do have a bad situation, and are patient and diligent in following up, airlines will be pretty reasonable if you ask for an accommodation.

Also, head’s up. When I was looking at the hospitals offering self pay COVID tests, all of them required you to provide a copy of your ticket. Not sure if that’s stringently enforced but it would suck to show up for an appointment and not be able to get a test because you didn’t actually have your flight booked.

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Still a bit curious why taiwan refuses to test on scale. It seems too over the top to be normal

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