What is a good motherboard at the mo

hi my computers died so i’m getting a new one.
can anyone recommend a good motherboard and what i should be looking for in a motherboard e.g.
Thanks a lot for any help.


community.tomshardware.com/f … mainboards


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Buy a name brand like MSI, ASUS, Soyo, or Abit. Beyond that, it’s just a question of how much you want to spend and how fast you want your computer to be.

If you’re looking for a “best value,” I’d suggest an nForce 2 and Athlon XP rig. They’re super cheap and squirt bits (clock-per-clock) better than Pentiums… Check the forums on Tom’s and Anand for the current sweet-spot.

If you like to diddle your machine, a Canterwood (i875P) board and a P4 2.8 will provide weeks and weeks of it. However, for this rig, you might want to wait until Intel announces Grantsdale in a few weeks. Thereafter, vendors’ll be blowing 'em out…

If you want to talk the talk without actually scratching a knuckle, get an Abit. They’ve pretty nailed the automagical utility shtick.

Whatever you do, avoid Prescott processors like the plague – a pointless expense that’s better suited for use as a hot plate (assuming you can find one here).