What is "Guanxi"?

I was just looking at the membership list and I noticed that there’s an item referred to as “Guanxi”. The term “Guanxi”, along with the term “Medals” also occurs in each posting. What do these terms mean?

guanxi is like point, you earned 1 guanxi when you replied a thread and 2 quanxi when you started a thread

medals are for those long-time posters who have contributed good advices, ideas to this forum. (correct me if i am wrong guys)

Guanxi is now mentioned in the brand spanking new FAQ, ok… some bits are new-ish, and it’s not spanking, but it’s still worth checking out.

Yes, that is why I have a “grumpy” medal. I used to be the only one with one but I think some other asshole got one too. :wink:

(Look up guanxi in a Chinese-English dictionary.)