What is happening to the USD/TWD exchange rate?


Look outside your window at all those millions of people on polluting scooters with baby on front and kid on the back…near 3rd world road conditions in many parts, widespread graft, legislators throwing shoes at each other, lame duck police force, etc… fix all this and yes I would make the argument Taiwan needs to be about 22NT to the US dollar.


I don’t know if any of that has relation to the value of the NTD (although I agree with all of the points ), would like to hear your theory on that.


I pine for the good old days when it was 25NT to the dollar. And of course Taiwan was much more Third World back then.


Yes it was far rougher back then it’s true. The story of why NTD climbed to 24NT (from 40NT in 1985 to 24NT in 1992) peaking in the early 90s and then dropping is a fascinating one.


More 1st world = stronger currency, generally speaking


22 NT to the dollar would put me and, I suspect, many other Taiwan companies either out of business or on the ropes.


Well i do think twd will not have any significant movement in near future.
Yea i can call taiwan currency manipulator.

With TSMC being most important company hardly see strong twd. We do not see any major switch in economy or people thinking.

I mean taiwan gdp per cepita is less than 25k usd. I never really believe in gdp in terms of PPP, it just mean you can buy more local shit. We live in global world, i want to have german bmw, and apple.

Yea locals are well off, cause of past boom, economy is stable, but taiwan is still far from first world. Maybe on top of “second” world countries.

I like to say taiwan is on crossroad. Hardest is how to economically coorporate and get chinese investment without selling soul to CCP?

And sometimes i have no idea what CCP really wants. Maybe a poor island in stagnation is good for their ideology look democracy does not work for chinese people. Taiwan tecnology, money, connection does not matter anymore. But probably they prefer good chinese way of having face,nothing will make em more happy than taiwanese politics kissin their ass.


It’s as I suspected. I think it took everyone by surprise and is quite 丟臉 for TSMC hence they even make it secretive how much crypto contributed to 2017 results.
(Look at UMC dismal results today!)

Unnerving that Taiwan’s top juggernaut chaebol is putting so many eggs in one basket, willingly or not.

Hopefully HPC, auto and IoT will ramp up


Dont underestimate computing demand from the new blockchain platforms, should only grow in the future.


Tnx for link. Was not there a news few months ago or maybe an article tsmc relies on AI, when it comes down to business decision and AI is a reason for edge on samsung?

Yea tscm being positive about cryptos is great news for all of us who invested


I’m leaning that way too. I suspect we’ll get a pleasant surprise end of the year as TSMC revenue hits record highs. Then you’ll really see a feeding frenzy into Taiwan markets